Do you love westerns?  I don’t.  But I was surprised how much more interesting I find the whole western theme to be when tied into ‘Supernatural.’  So what’s new and exciting in the lives of the Winchester boys?  Keep reading to find out.

Through much research it’s determined that the only way to kill the mother of all evil is to use the ashes of a phoenix.  Dean discovers that on a certain date in 1861, Samuel Colt shot one and collected its ashes in a bottle.  Now knowing where the last one had been seen, they call on Cass to help them time travel to 1861.  To their surprise, an angel named Rachel shows up and criticizes the boys for only calling Cass when they need something.  As they were on the receiving end of her verbal barrage, Castiel arrives and helps them.  He explains they only have 24 hours and then he must summon them back again or they’ll be lost forever.

They arrive in the wild west just in time to witness the hanging of a man accused of killing his wife.  Bound by iron shackles, the man is hung until dead…or is he?  Later sightings confirm that he’s actually quite alive and he begins to exact his vengeance on those who hanged him.  He’s the phoenix in human form, and he’s exacting his vengeance on those who’ve shown him injustice.

While Dean deals with this situation, Sam rides on horseback (of course!) to Samuel Colt’s house.  His mission?  To convince the old gentleman to give him the magical Colt so they can slay the phoenix and collect the ashes in that small, 24 hour window they have.  While he’s able to convince Samuel Colt that he’s from the future by showing him his Blackberry, he’s not able to get him to come with him.  However, the gentleman gives him the gun he needs to defeat the phoenix (but keeps his Blackberry).

Back to the future now…Castiel is approached by Rachel.  She tells him that she knows about his little “secret,” and tells him he can’t win the war against Raphael using those tactics.  Cass refuses to stop doing whatever it is he’s doing (we never find out), and Rachel tries to kill him.  A battle ensues; Cass is injured but is victorious over Rachel, slaying her.

He barely makes it back to Bobby’s and loses consciousness.  When he comes to, he tells Bobby that the only way he can regain his strength to retrieve the boys from 1861 is for him to touch Bobby’s soul.  Bobby agrees and the procedure heals Cass, bringing him back to full health.

In the meantime, the phoenix is slinking through the town, killing those who took his life.  One touch and they burn from the inside out – a death suffered by the judge and the sheriff.  Dean is appointed the new sheriff in town and as he protects the other man from death, the phoenix shows and explains how this one last man pinned down his wife in an attempt to assault her.  When he came to her aid, both he and his wife were shot, but of course being a supernatural being the phoenix survived the injury.  When the sheriff rushed to the scene, the attempted rapist said that the phoenix shot and killed his own wife, thus setting him up to be hanged.

After this thorough explanation, the third man is shot by the phoenix.  Jumping through a window, Dean survives where Sam meets up with him and gives him the infamous Colt.  Dean and the phoenix meet in the center of town for a duel.  Dean wins, and slays the phoenix with the colt.  But as he reaches down to collect its ashes, he’s pulled through time with his brother – both empty-handed.

Imagine their distress when they find themselves back in 2011 with an empty bottle in their hands.  But lo and behold, a knock at the door brings the solution to their quandary.  It’s a courier service with a package for Sam.  The return address shows it’s from Samuel Colt.  He opens the box and finds his Blackberry (now covered in tons of dust), and a bottle of ashes.  A note from Mr. Colt explains that he retrieved Sam’s address by using his “thing-a-ma-jig” (Blackberry) and decided to send him the ashes on this specific day in time.  They now have what they need to kill the mother of all monsters.