Tonight BBC America will premiere the new season of ‘Doctor Who’ at 9/8c.

Part One of a two-part season opener is written by Steven Moffat and titled “The Impossible Astronaut.” Marking the first time the 47-year-old sci-fi series has ever filmed in the U.S., scenes from the two-part premiere were shot in Utah’s Monument Valley,

The latest adventure takes us to the late ’60s, which finds the Doctor, Amy, Rory, and River Song all secretly summoned to the Utah desert on a mission that leads ultimately to the Oval Office.

‘Doctor Who’, of course, is the continuing saga of a mysterious alien time traveler who picks up human companions, faces evil foes with little more than his wits and a sonic screwdriver, and journeys throughout time and space in a police phone booth called the TARDIS. Or, as the famed Whovian Craig Ferguson once said, it’s about “the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.”