Marvel And Netflix Announce ‘She-Hulk’, ‘Cloak & Dagger’, ‘Bullseye’, and ‘Elektra’ Series To Follow ‘The Defenders’!

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This just in! Marvel and Netflix have announced that after the fall out from ‘The Defenders’ we’ll be seeing a new set of superheroes and villains gracing the small screen! When the dust settles and the heroes are gone, ‘She-Hulk’, ‘Cloak & Dagger’, ‘Bullseye’, and ‘Elektra‘ are all going to be busy in Hell’s Kitchen – though clearly not all of them will have the populace’s best interests at heart. As with the prior set of series before these, we don’t have a lot of details but what we do know is that things don’t look good for all of our heroes as ‘The Defenders’ come to a close.

At least not legally.

Secret identities are important and when the fallout from ‘The Defenders’ hit we see that those with powers need a certain kind of lawyer who can help them out. As Luke Cage has taken the fall for the team’s actions you would think that Matt Murdock would be the first in line to help get him off the hook. However, Jessica Jones has sought out the best legal council that money can buy and that just happens to be one Jennifer Walters who also is leading the double life of She-Hulk. To steer the series in the right direction they have tapped long term ‘The Good Wife’ director Rosemary Rodriguez as the showrunner to be able to mix in the right mixture of humor and drama to make this “action-comedy legal procedural” have just the tone that they are looking for.

While this version of ‘The Defenders’ is more of the ‘Heroes for Hire’ lineup, She-Hulk was on one of the rosters of ‘The Defenders’ so it wouldn’t be a stretch to see her introduced in the series, even if it just as a cameo.

There is no news yet on what we can expect from ‘Cloak & Dagger’, ‘Bullseye’, and ‘Elektra’, which isn’t too surprising with how long it took us to find out about any of the other Marvel Netflix series.

‘Cloak & Dagger’ would be a good fit to tie in with ‘Iron Fist’ or perhaps somehow be created by the same company which made the company who made the radioactive waste that gave us Daredevil or perhaps the same kind of experimentation that gave us Luke Cage.

I would hope that ‘Bullseye’ is really an excuse to not only bring back The Kingpin but The Punisher as well. They are such a perfect trio to throw into the same mix and as Netflix still doesn’t want to give Frank Castle his own show it would be the best way to bring him back.

Honestly, Elektra is always good for being a hero or villain. She’s been both in the past and is perfect for a redemption arc on top of that. Of course, with her death she could be resurrected by The Hand in her own series.

There are so many good ways they could run with it! No matter what story arcs play out here, I for one can’t wait to see these heroes grace the small screen!

Which new hero are you looking forward to seeing on Netflix? Who would you want to see playing the new additions to Marvel’s Netflix Universe? More importantly, Happy April Fool’s Day True Believers!

EDIT: April Fool’s Joke? Prophecy? Early Privileged Information? Who Cares?! ‘Cloak & Dagger’ IS Coming To TV Fellow True Believers!

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  • Jerl J May Jr.

    this better not be an April Fool’s joke…..

    • Drew

      Well it is. The last lines of the article are “Which new hero are you looking forward to seeing on Netflix? Who would you want to see playing the new additions to Marvel’s Netflix Universe? More importantly, Happy April Fool’s Day True Believers!”

      • Jerl J May Jr.

        Lol! I honestly thought I read the whole thing! Apparently i skipped the last sentence.

        • Drew

          same thing happened to me actually. I read it again just to make sure and I caught the end of it the second time.

  • ChatWithaNinja

    So now that April Fools day is over, can we get rid of all the deceitful articles?

  • French Historian of the occult

    You are the Fool, any April fools after 12 midday GMT on April the first is bad luck, sorry America, so this story should have been posted earlier, the superstition goes back to the 1500s and by 1700 the rules were clear.

    I highly recommend to any Americans to make sure they do their April fools the night before to avoid the curse, if you don’t believe me look up the history of April fools and the very strict rules.

  • Jason Wells

    Have to have Lauren Cohen of Walking Dead as She Hulk / Jen.

    • Bryan John Sauriol

      Angela Bassett. She has surprisingly sculpted muscles for her frame.

    • Arthur Gandalf Starkiller

      Wasn’t she Martha Wayne in Batman V Superman (Dawn Of Justice)?

      • Jason Wells

        She was, that als means she will be Joker to if they do Flashpoint.

        • dante williams

          I would love to see that.

    • Now that is some spot on dream casting right there

      • Jason Wells

        Thank you, She looks so much like Jen & would be an amazing lead.

  • Brent Whitaker

    Wow. Whoever thought to do this is a real piece of shit. A real piece of shit.

  • Wes, The Hero

    Well, at first, I was like “yeah!” Then I thought that THIS many shows taking place in Hell’s Kitchen would’ve been TOO much. I’m kind of glad these aren’t happening.

    • To be fair She-Hulk in my mind probably would have been elsewhere in NY outside of “the case” and was going to run with Cloak & Dagger contacting her for legal guidance against those responsible for their condition but I also knew I was sticking in too many details that Marvel wouldn’t have shared yet… Didn’t want to give out too many “spoilers” in it. Oh well, one can dream! ;)

  • Zharkiez

    YES !!!! She-Hulk WOOT !!!!!!!

  • Kizak

    Lol all these people adding their input. Didn’t even read the end of the article.

    • I’m starting to wonder if Marvel has an April Fool’s Protection Program… ;)

  • Brigadon

    The Irony is that I think Cloak and Dagger would actually make a pretty good show.

    • SargentRock

      That would be the one I’d most want to see as well.

      • Robin Brantley

        I’m with you there…I’ve been a fan of C & D for over 30 years, and would LOVE to see them brought to life.

        • There might be some good news on the front page later today for you ;)

      • There may yet be reason to be excited, read the site later today ;)

        • SargentRock

          Actually I just saw the news over on another site! I’m excited, but a little nervous as I’m not sure ABC Family is where I’d picture it. Still–fingers crossed!

          • JasonMBowles

            ABC Family became Freeform because it already has “controversial” shows like Recovery Road and The Fosters and wanted to clarify that it isn’t a kids/family network. It could work!

    • You should read the site later today *whistles innocently.* ;)

      • Brigadon

        Sweet! It should actually be an easy series to write for.

  • Rob

    This is cruel. It is unkind, and unfunny to build hope like that, especially when it surfaces for others after the 1st of April.

  • dante williams

    I read this a month after it was printed. Not only is this not funny, it should be taken down. This makes me not even want to look at a sight who participates in stuff like this. All those ideas were good and this is in extremely poor taste, yes I agree. You know, Darkhawk would be a great series too, but I’m sure you already thought of that.

    • dante williams

      However Cloak And Dagger do have a series coming on Freeform, maybe even back to back with Shadowhunters. It looks like the joke is becoming reality? Freaky huh, but good freaky.

    • Fctiger

      LOL I’m just reading it now 6 months later. Yeah I thought it was legit…and recent. Oh well.

  • Geez the give away was a Bullseye series..cmon now that wouldn’t work

  • Everyone

    Oh look at me I came up with a plausible lie, I am very clever and funny because that is how comedy works.

  • 33fokman

    She-Hulk I can see as well as Cloak & Dagger, but Elektra…?. She was the reason Season 2 of Daredevil fell off and Bullseye needs to be saved for Season 3 of DD.

    What about Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider?. Those 3 first!!!.

    • Madeline Tougood

      I think Marvel has proven they know what theyre doing.

    • Daniel Brongers

      I actually thought Elektra was pretty good in season 2 of DD. Though, Punisher was definitely better…But Elektra was great too.

  • dante williams

    Now Bullseye just got an ongoing at Marvel. The netflix thing may not be true, but everyone at the top will soon be spotlighted, believe it.

  • Doro626

    April fools aside. She hulk would be interesting. You could get Adrienne Pallicki to play her if they don’t use her on that Shield spin off or bring her back. Just make sure she is green all the time ( find a make-up that won’t poison the actress liver).

  • Merle

    Please take this down.

  • Daniel Brongers

    I would LOVE to see She-Hulk series. Cloak & Dagger is currently in the works for FreeForm :)

  • FisherofTruth

    cloak and dagger was one of the worst comics ever. we do not need a series of it.