The episode opens with a rare “Previously on” segment, detailing what happened when  Sheldon went to propose to Amy last week, followed by the morning afterward, where we see Leonard and Penny in the kitchen, with Leonard making breakfast for Sheldon (he’s had it rough, Amy broke his heart, the DVR cut off the last minute of ‘Dr. Who,’ and that crow followed him home). While Penny warns him that Sheldon will not like french toast on oatmeal day, Leonard shows her his “gloatmeal,” which is the oatmeal he also made to placate his roommate. Sheldon comes out of his room in a chipper mood, explaining that he has decided to find a new woman so he can ignore her as he did Amy and dive back into his work. He turns down the french toast side saying that it is too many carbs for “a man on the prowl,” and instead suggests Leonard eat them, as he is married now and can look however he wants. Penny warns Leonard not to take advice from a man who threw a shoe at a crow.

At Penny’s apartment, the girls are working on Amy’s dress for her date that night with Dave, with Amy commenting that she feels her new dress is not quite in her comfort zone. She exits the bedroom to reveal the outfit, which is still very modest, and Penny comments that none of her comfort zones are showing. She goes on to tell Amy and Bernadette that she no longer has any tall heels since marrying Leonard, while Amy explains that she feels no need to flaunt her body, as she stands by the idea that the brain is the sexiest organ (though Penny points out it was not her brain that has been getting her free drinks all these years). After Amy leaves, Bernadette convinces Penny to join her in spying on Amy’s date so they can see what Dave looks like that night, and Penny reluctantly agrees.

Sheldon invites Howard and Raj over to discuss his love life, pointing out that since they found Amy they should be able to help him find a new woman in his life. After Howard’s suggestion of putting Sheldon on every dating website available is shot down by Sheldon (he worries that the answers are from computers pretending to be people), instead the guys decide to offer up Sheldon as more of a prize, after his 0wn suggestion of having women fight to the death for him. They set up a kind of scavenger hunt riddle test on Craigslist, with the winner being given Sheldon’s contact information, a prospect that Howard and Raj find exciting even though they know the prize is really just Sheldon. They send out the listing, and sit back to wait, wondering if they made the test too difficult as they had yet to hear any responses as the end time grows near. With one minute left, Sheldon seems unfazed by the lack of responses. As the guys comfort him that no one answered, they hear a knock on the door, which Howard make Sheldon answer, as it is a woman. The door opens and we see a beautiful woman there who seemed to really love Sheldon’s test, and really enjoy his interests in science, flags, fantasy and ancient languages. Sheldon speaks to her briefly, but then informs her that since she did not finish on time, she is not a suitable candidate, closing the door on her shocked face. Raj and Howard are flabbergasted, while Sheldon explains that not only was she late, but she also found the scientific symposium she had been at boring, ending by stating he would not “coitus her with your genitals.”

Penny drags Leonard along with her on the spying mission, claiming that if he could force her to go see a documentary about recycling aluminum cans, he can go with her to spy with Bernadette. They arrive to find Bernadette has military grade binoculars in her car, which she uses to check out Amy’s date through the window across the street (unfortunately she forgot her audio equipment so they cannot eavesdrop as well). Leonard finds that he has to use the urinate, but fortunately Bernie has a solution for that as well, handing him an old laundry soap bottle to use. As for the date itself, it seems to be going relatively well, with Dave (guest star Stephen Merchant) telling Amy about his divorce from his wife, who was cheating on him with a Frenchman, which is why he came to this country (he is English). Amy opens up on her one long-term relationship with Sheldon, and we learn Dave is a huge fan of Sheldon’s, as he proceeds to shower Amy with dozens of questions about her ex-boyfriend. Amy is annoyed by the whole exchange, and decides to cut to the date short after agreeing to maybe introducing Dave to Sheldon. Bernie spots Amy and Dave leaving the restaurant and tries to make a quick getaway in her car, but ends up crashing into Dave’s parked car instead. Fortunately, Dave is so impressed about meeting Sheldon’s roommate Leonard that he does not get too mad about the car, though Amy wants to know what everyone is doing there. Seeing as how his car was in an accident, Amy takes Dave home, with the man not too sad about being rejected by her, as he points out, because Sheldon was also rejected by her. And since he and Sheldon have both kissed Amy…. Amy cuts him off at this point, clearly looking forward to getting the Sheldon-fan-boy out of the car.


AMY: (after showing off her new outfit to the girls) Some say the sexiest organ is the brain.
PENNY: No one has ever bought me drinks at a bar because my brain just popped out of my shirt.

SHELDON: -And I have a the soulful eyes of a cow.
RAJ: (starting to speak before looking to Sheldon’s eyes) I don’t know if I’d say you…. ohhhh.

RAJ: (on the “test” for women wanting to meet Sheldon) We can set it up as a scavenger hunt where the winner gets Sheldon’s contact information!
HOWARD: This is actually an interesting social experiment.
RAJ: I’m a little jealous of the people who get to do it.
HOWARD: (in surprise) Me too! And we’ve seen the “prize” !

DAVE: (Amy’s date) You’re not talking about Dr. Sheldon Cooper!?!
AMY: I’m trying not too.
DAVE: He’s a rockstar! I’ve been following his work for years! You got to tell me all about him!

RAJ: Maybe you don’t want someone exactly like you. You know what they say, opposites attract.
SHELDON: Well by that logic I should be with someone short, dull and needy. Not to cast aspersions but I can’t shake a stick around here without hitting that.

RAJ: (counting down the end of the experiment) 60 seconds…
SHELDON: 1 minute is a lot of time.
HOWARD: I’ve been telling women that for 20 years.

Another solid episode, especially with guest-star Stephen Merchant playing such a loony date for poor Amy. I had really hoped that Sheldon might find his new Amy in this episode, as that might have made the real Amy jealous enough to maybe take him back. Either way, it was fun seeing the crazier side of Bernadette again while she spied on her friend, though as always I do enjoy the episodes more when the whole cast has some scenes together, instead of being split up. Here’s looking forward to some big changes on the Sheldon/Amy front as we approach the winter break!