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Jurnee Smollett starred in the TV series ‘Underground’ created by Misha Green.  Now Green acts as showrunner of HBO’s new horror hit ‘Lovecraft Country’, on which Smollett also stars.  Earlier this year, Smollett was seen as Black Canary/Dinah Lance in the DC Comics film ‘Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)’, and while the flick wasn’t a huge smash (COVID-19 caused theaters to shut down almost right after it opened), Smollet admits that she would return to play Black Canary in a future film, while Green revealed that they had a past connection that concerns the comic book hero.

Smollett says:

“It’s no secret how much I love Black Canary. It’s a dream character and was a dream to play her.  If [the] dynamics fell in the right way, I would absolutely do it in a heartbeat, and Lord knows, I follow Misha wherever she leads me.”

Green admitted that she often played as Black Canary against Smollett in the video game ‘Injustice’.

“And I just would just do the ‘canary scream’ to win all the time, which would frustrate [Jurnee].  So, it was like, ‘It’s kind of kismet and funny that you’re now Black Canary because I was using that character to beat you with this game.’”

Unfortunately, ‘Birds of Prey’ didn’t make a ton of money, despite earning mostly positive reviews.  But with so many outlets for DC-inspired projects these days, including HBO Max, it’s possible that Black Canary will be revisited in the future.

A TV series was in the works at The CW, ‘Green Arrow and the Canaries’, a spin-off of ‘Arrow’ set in the future time setting used in the last few seasons.  That show would have starred Katherine McNamara, Katie Cassidy, and Juliana Harkavy, but at this point, it seems safe to say that The CW decided not to move forward with it.

Would you like to see Jurnee Smollett as Black Canary again?


Source: Variety