Annabelle, the creepy little doll in ‘The Conjuring’ who didn’t do much on screen past look scary and build on the cases of paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren, is getting her own movie and now we’ve found out who the two lead actors will be! While I was a little sick of the whole haunted house and possession thing as being overdone as of late, ‘The Conjuring’ was able to put the terror back into the sub-horror genre. Wow! I’m still in love with the film and it’s no wonder that we’re getting both a sequel and this ‘Annabelle’ spin-off! So the two leads of the film are Annabelle Wallis (‘The Tudors’, ‘X-Men: First Class’) and Ward Horton (‘Fringe’, ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’)

Currently it’s unclear as to who they will be playing in the spin-off. Are they already re-casting the Warrens? Will this pre-date their involvement with the doll? They already have a mythos intact from the original film’ that involved the women owning the doll and not the couple. Could the film center on a time prior to those women owning the doll or possibly end up with it another way? I’m still convinced we should have Vera Farmiga (‘Bates Motel’,’Orphan’) and Patrick Wilson (‘Insidious‘,’Watchmen’) show up, at least as cameos as The Warrens to tie the films together but there’s no word if they are attached to the project. Also if this predates the other women’s involvement with the doll, unless they are talking about it in a lecture at the beginning or end of the film there probably wouldn’t be a lot of need to have them here at all.

While we don’t know if these two actors will be missing, we do know that James Wan’s (‘Insidious: Chapter 2‘,’Saw’) will be missing, at least in the director’s chair. While he’s a bit too busy with ‘Fast & Furious 7’ to direct, he is still willing to help out by throwing out some thoughts as an executive producer on the film. Hopefully he doesn’t stay bored of horror for too long as he really does a spectacular job at creating it.

What do you folks think on their casting? Leads or are we getting replacements for The Warrens? Will we see them involved in some way? Shout out your theories below!

Source: Cinema Blend