The climactic battle of ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Season 2 took place on the Cooper farm in rural Texas, outside of the Dallas city limits, which was covered in picturesque snow.  While ‘The Umbrella Academy’ is often visually stunning, this snow dusting was a happy accident.  The cast and crew did not know it was going to snow, yet it looked great on film, so they rolled with this natural development.  And Emmy Raver-Lampman (Allison) literally rolled with the weather, as she slipped in her four-inch heels thanks to the unexpected ice and snow.

“We all have such a good time on set, and when you’re doing stunts at such an extreme level, it’s inevitable that someone’s gonna trip, or whatever. I don’t mean that our stunts aren’t safe. They’re extremely safe. I just mean that there’s always the clumsy individual, which is usually me.


“And so, all of Episode 10 being set in the snow actually had to be written in, after the snowstorm hit. It added such an amazing element to the season, but it was such a beautiful mishap. Of course, none of us were dressed for snow. I was in a cape with my arms out and a little tank top underneath, and Robert [Sheehan]’s shirt is never buttoned and he’s always got low-rise jeans on. None of us were dressed for a blizzard in Toronto, in the middle of November. And of course, I was running around in four-inch boots. When we get out of the car at the barn, Sissy and Vanya have this scene, and then we run into the barn, but no one was prepared for snow, so I was in my boots still.

“So I take off after everyone else, thinking I could run in heels, after dancing on Broadway in four-inch heels for eight years. It was the wide shot, so you can see people’s shoes. I was like, ‘It’s fine,’ but then I took three steps and absolutely ate shit. I skidded ten feet down this gravel driveway, and ripped open my pants and twisted my ankle. I should have just waited for my [snow] boots to come, and we could have done it then. That was a good one. Everybody got a really good laugh.”

You can see a much more graceful Allison on screen.  ‘The Umbrella Academy’ Seasons 1 and 2 are available to stream in their entirety on Netflix.


Source: Collider