Syfy is set to deliver ‘Tales From the Hood 3’ a third horror anthology that continues the tradition of the groundbreaking 1995 film.  ‘Tales From the Hood 2’ was released directly to video in 2018.  Now, a third installment will arrive on Syfy, although it isn’t yet known when.

‘Tales From the Hood’ was the brainchild of writers Rusty Cundieff and Darin Scott, with Spike Lee executive producing.  Cundieff directed the entire first ‘Tales From the Hood’, while both Cundieff and Scott helmed separate segments of the second.  Both prior movies consisted of multiple stories, tied together by a framing sequence.  Cundieff and Scott are once more writing and directing the new movie.  In 2018, the duo co-wrote and co-directed another scary flick, ‘American Nightmares’.

While it isn’t known when ‘Tales From the Hood 3’ will be made available, a clip has been released to give viewers an idea of what to expect.  Featured is horror legend Tony Todd (‘Candyman’), switching things up to play a heroic character.  Todd’s character is attempting to protect a young girl who can see dead people.

You check it out for yourself below:

Horror movies have always had a healthy fanbase in the African American community, but often these movies have not been kind to Black characters.  ‘Tales From the Hood’ and ‘Candyman’ helped put black actors/characters in the spotlight of horror films.  Beyond just being scary, both movies were also full of social commentary.  The most obvious comment was on racism, while the films also touched on gangs, drugs, police brutality, and corruption.  ‘Tales From the Hood 2’ brought a modern twist with a story involving dating apps, and a framing sequence featuring artificial intelligence.

Coincidentally, ‘Tales From the Hood 3’ arrives just as a new version of ‘Candyman’ is due to hit the big screen… at some point.

Check back for updates as they become available.