Edgar Wright might currently best be known for his upcoming work on ‘Ant-Man‘ but before that, he created ‘The World’s End‘ which was the tail end to his Cornetto Trilogy which was kicked off by ‘Shaun of the Dead‘. Yes, Wright became a known name from his early work on a romantic zombie comedy and it sounds like one of his upcoming films, ‘Collider’, is going to have him return to his horror roots.

We don’t currently know a lot about ‘Collider’ as it’s in development at J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot studio and anything Abrams does these days is known for it’s secrecy when it comes to movies. So what do we know and why do we think it’s related to horror? Well, the writing is being done in collaboration with Mark Protosevich (‘Oldboy’) and neither of them have been talking. The only thing Wright has ever said about it previously was that “It’s something I’m excited about but it’s a little ways off” which isn’t at all helpful.

However, in a recent interview, Protosevich was a little more open with his words. He initially said nothing on the subject but he did drop one major hint,

“The one thing I’ll say is that Edgar’s movies have a certain tone, and this one might be a little unexpected because the main thing we’re going for is scary. Smart and scary.”

Smart and SCARY is the exact quote so we’re probably going to be seeing something suspenseful or outright horror. With Protosevich’s recent work on ‘Oldboy’ a horror film would seem the perfect. He followed that up by saying that it was “not-winking scary” so it wouldn’t be in the same vein as ‘Shawn of the Dead’.

Of course this is all could be wrong. It’s always possible Protosevich is secretly involved with Wright’s ‘Night Stalker‘ franchise reboot or his other horror film in the works which all when asked about he previously has said:

“Yes, I am [working on that]. I’m actually developing it with Big Talk and Film 4. It’s something I’ve been doing a lot of research on and I want to write at some point once I’m stopped with this crazy promotion for this movie. I want to do something that’s very visual and has very little dialogue. All of my films have been very dialogue heavy and that’s great. It always makes it more of a challenge to market in other countries. I like watching films that can play in any language because they’re essentially silent.”

So while in the interview Protosevich has been talking about ‘Collider’ was he actually referring to one of these other films or has Wright been getting bored with his forays into humor and is now heavily hitting the horror scene?

What do you think folks? Are you ready for a ton of horror coming out from the creator of the ‘Cornetto trilogy’ with a focus on horror over humor? Can’t wait to get more of his work out or do you just want to see him working with Smon Pegg (‘Star Trek Into Darkness‘) and Nick Frost (‘Snow White and the Huntsman‘) again?

Source: Screen Rant