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‘The 100’ has quietly served as the backbone of The CW’s summer lineup for six years, but it is coming to an end in a very appropriate manner, stopping with its 100th episode.  (A prequel spinoff is planned.)  As the show moves into its final batch of episodes, Richard Harmon looks back on his character John Murphy, who started out as an unrepentant criminal but over time he has evolved in baby steps.  Even though he still acts in his own best interest, he has exhibited actions that are actually selfless.

As Harmon stated:

“There’s been a lot of wrinkles added this season that I don’t think Murphy saw coming, which was kind of the pleasure of playing him this season is him falling ass-backward into a leadership role, which is something that I haven’t been able to do with him yet. Which I’ve always kind of been curious as what he would be like, which is obviously, first and foremost, is reluctant. He’s a reluctant leader, undoubtedly. But then as time goes on, I think you see him start to almost care about what happens to these people that he didn’t even know at the beginning of the season, and these people he’s leading. So that was kind of the pleasure of it. So yeah, I think he has changed in a lot of ways, [but] he’s still that same old Murphy down inside. I think we have to wait and find out as everything’s wrapping up to see where his allegiances to himself and everyone else really lie.”

After a brief break, ‘The 100’ returns to The CW this Wednesday, August 5.  There are seven episodes of this seventh and final season remaining.  Filming was completed before COVID-19 shutdowns, so this is one series that was not impacted.

Are you a fan of ‘The 100’?  Are you sad to see it go?


Source: Cinema Blend