New Line Cinema / Warner Brothers

Many celebrities have kept fans up-to-date on their quarantine activities with posts on social media.  Now, New Line Cinema (a Warner Brothers subsidiary) has posted a video to update horror fans on how Annabelle has been keeping herself busy with a video called “Annabelle In Quarantine.”  It seems the evil doll took a few days to acclimate to being alone in the New Line offices, as other employees switched to working from home.  After that, she makes herself at home, popping some popcorn, screening ‘Annabelle Comes Home’, playing with the Xerox machine, communicating with the dead with an Ouija board, feeding some fish, and passing out on a keyboard.  Was she working on her own screenplay?

The video was shared via New Line’s Twitter account:

The video was released on Sunday in honor of National Doll Day.  The video was made by two New Line employees who went into the offices in July to pick up some equipment.  They decided to have some fun and filmed “Annabelle in Quarantine” on their iPhones (while social distancing and wearing face masks) while a third employee directed remotely via Facetime.  The video was circulated among Warner Brothers employees and was a hit, so the company decided to release it to the public to celebrate Doll Day.

The video doesn’t promote anything.  It’s just a gift to fans.  Annabelle first appeared in 2013’s ‘The Conjuring’, before getting her own movie, ‘Annabelle’ in 2014.  That was followed in 2017 by a prequel ‘Annabelle: Creation’, and a sequel, ‘Annabelle Comes Home’ in 2019.  The movies are available to stream on HBO Max.

There is another movie in this shared universe coming out next year.  ‘The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It’ is scheduled to open on June 4, 2021.


Source: Deadline