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Ray Fisher didn’t spend all of his time during Justice Con trashing Joss Whedon.  Fisher has been a vocal advocate for ‘Justice League’s original director Zack Snyder, who previously helmed ‘Man of Steel’ and ‘Batman V Superman’.  ‘Man of Steel’ did okay, but ‘Batman V Superman’ was loudly decried for being a terrible movie that was too dark (among other flaws).

But Fisher thinks this was what the ocean of superhero movies needs.

“For me personally, I need something new.  I need something that speaks to the way the world is today, not this idealized sort of yesteryear version of who these individuals are. The world is complicated. The heroes need to be just as complicated to help people deal with the circumstances that we’re facing every single day… If an alien with superpowers came down to Earth today do you think people would be like, ‘Yeah, come on let’s go!’? We can’t even get along with one another.”

Guess he didn’t see ‘Black Panther’.

Despite Fisher’s tastes, the DC movies performed rather poorly, until the tone was changed to bring them a bit closer in style to the Marvel offerings.  ‘Wonder Woman’ was a smash, and ‘Aquaman’ made over $1 billion.

Justice Con was a fan-organized and was held virtually opposite the much larger San Diego Comic-Con@Home expo.  Both featured panels conducted via Zoom and other conferencing apps and allowed stars and creators to share information with fans who would “attend” from the comfort and safety of their own homes.  While SDCC offered panels covering many comics, TV shows, movies, toys, and more, Justice Con was dedicated entirely to Zack Snyder’s ‘Justice League’.

DC did not contribute much to SDCC (or Justice Con for that matter), because it is holding its own expo on August 22, DC Fandome.

Snyder is re-editing ‘Justice League’ to fit his original vision, which was heavily altered by his replacement, Joss Whedon.  The “Whedon Cut” didn’t do well at the box office.  The “Snyder Cut” will be released sometime next year on HBO Max.

How do you feel?  Are the DC movies actually better than those from Marvel (or anyone else) despite their generally weaker box office performance?


Source: CBR