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The cast and creators of Amazon Prime Video’s hit superhero spoof ‘The Boys’ turned up for a virtual panel during Comic-Con@Home, and among the topics discussed was the difference between the show’s version of Mother’s Milk and the version in the comics.  If you aren’t familiar with the books, written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Darick Robertson, it was revealed that the reason Mother’s Milk goes by that name, is that his mother worked in a Vought American plant that produced Compound V, the serum that gives the Supes their powers.  Due to the factory’s poor sanitation, she unknowingly inhaled V and when Mother’s Milk was born, he was addicted to the substance and required constant breastfeeding, otherwise, he would wither up, and potentially die.

The show’s version doesn’t have the same origin.  (Not sure why.  It was actually very powerful in the book.)

As Alonso explained:

“Garth [Ennis] had taken this character and molded him after — in theory — after the crack babies, of the ’80s, where he was physically infected with an addiction to V.  That’s not the case [on the show], so what is he infected with?  [Showrunner Eric Kripke] kind of beautifully created this infection with being a fighter of freedom… That’s what he’s infected with, is risking what he has in the pursuit of justice.”

He added that this didn’t necessarily mean justice for himself, but for others, like his daughter.

Mother’s Milk’s poignant origin wasn’t revealed until relatively late in the book’s run.  Prior to that, it was explained that his unusual moniker referred to the fact that he was the purest in spirit of the murderous crew.

There will be eight episodes of Season 2, the same as S1, but this year, Amazon is rolling them out a little slower.  The first three will be released on September 4, and the rest will follow one-per-week.

Are you looking forward to more gruesome adventures of ‘The Boys’?


Source: CBR