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Amazon Prime Video used SDCC@Home to unveil the trailer for its ambitious new eight-episode miniseries ‘Utopia’, based on the British series of the same name, adapted by Gillian Flynn, writer of ‘Gone Girl’ (both the novel and the screenplay), and ‘Sharp Objects’ (same).  She also wrote the film ‘Widows’.

“[‘Utopia’] centers on a group of young comic fans who discover the conspiracy in their favorite graphic novel is real, and they must embark on an adventure to save humanity from the end of the world. They eventually come face-to-face with Utopia’s famed central character (Sasha Lane), who joins them on their mission hile harboring secrets of her own.”

‘Utopia’ boasts a sizeable cast of Desmin Borges as Wilson Wilson, Dan Byrd as Ian, John Cusack as Dr. Kevin Christie, Christopher Denham as Arby, Crystal Fox in an unknown role, Sasha Lane as Jessica Hyde, Ashleigh LaThrop as Becky, Farrah Mackenzie as Alice, Jessica Rothe as Samantha, Jeanine Serralles as Colleen, Cory Michael Smith as Thomas Christie, Javon ‘Wanna’ Walton as Grant, and Rainn Wilson as Michael Stearns.

Check out the trailer below:

Amazon also presented the poster and two photos from the series:

Amazon Prime Video
John Cusack, center, and Cory Michael Smith, right – Elizabeth Morris/Amazon Prime Video
(L-R) Dan Byrd, Desmin Borges, Jessica Rothe and Ashleigh LaThrop – Elizabeth Morris/Amazon Prime Video

A specific release date was not announced, but it is expected in fall of this year.


Source: Deadline