CURSED – KATHERINE LANGFORD as NIMUE in episode 104 – Netflix © 2020

Netflix scored a major fantasy hit last winter with ‘The Witcher’.  Will the magic lightning strike twice?  The streaming service hopes so, as it has unleashed the trailer for its upcoming series ‘Cursed’ starring Katherine Langford, who previously starred on Netflix’s teen hit ’13 Reasons Why’.  In ‘Cursed’, Langford portrays not-your-average-maid, Nimue, the legendary Lady of the Lake, who in the classic King Arthur legends gave the sword Excalibur to Arthur.  But in this new series, it looks as though Nimue will spend a little time slinging the mystic blade herself, as well as a bow and arrow, a torch, and more.

‘Cursed’ was co-created and co-written by Tom Wheeler (TV’s ‘The Cape’) and Frank Miller (‘The Dark Knight Returns’).  Last fall, the duo released an illustrated YA novel tie-in.

Based on the New York Times bestselling book, Cursed is a reimagining of the Arthurian legend, told through the eyes of Nimue, a young woman with a mysterious gift who is destined to become the powerful (and tragic) Lady of the Lake. After her mother’s death, she finds an unexpected partner in Arthur, a humble mercenary, in a quest to find Merlin and deliver an ancient sword. Over the course of her journey, Nimue will become a symbol of courage and rebellion against the terrifying Red Paladins, and their complicit King Uther. Cursed is a coming-of-age story whose themes are familiar to our own time: the obliteration of the natural world, religious terror, senseless war, and finding the courage to lead in the face of the impossible.

Watch the new trailer below:

‘Cursed’ also stars Devon Terrell (‘Barry’) as Arthur; Gustaf Skarsgård (‘Westworld’) as Merlin; Daniel Sharman (‘Fear the Walking Dead’) as the Weeping Monk; Peter Mullan (‘Ozark’) as Father Carden; Lily Newmark (‘Pin Cushion’) as Pym; Shalom Brune-Franklin (‘Our Girl’) as Morgan le Fay; Sebastian Armesto (‘Broadchurch’) as King Uther Pendragon; Matt Stokoe (‘Bodyguard’) as Gawain; Emily Coates (‘Flack’) as Iris; and Billy Jenkins (‘The Crown’) as Squirrel.  Bella Dayne is also part of the cast, as a Viking warrior called Red Spear.

‘Cursed’ Season 1 will consist of 10 episodes, which will be released on July 17.


Source: ARS Technica