When the ‘X-Files‘ revival dropped we were all thrilled for a 10th season of our favorite paranormal FBI agents making a return, even a short one. However, once it landed not everyone was thrilled at how the episodes were broken down with so few giving us a focus on the mythology of the show. Now, as we’re approaching the eleventh season of the series, creator Chris Carter is defending these changes and insists that they had to happen because if they dove in with any more of the mythology it might not have played out well.

“We [relaunched] from a standing start after not having been on the air for 12 years — there was some reacquainting that had to be achieved. It was like old friends getting back together. We had to shake some of the stiffness out.”

Stiffness aside, there was a lot of ground to cover in the mythology which was left unexplored and while Carter states that “I think that we’re all in fighting shape now,” it needs to be pointed out that we’re still not getting much more of it this time around.

However, not all of the ties to the past will be just mythology episodes as the upcoming episode which is written by Darin Morgan isn’t just going to be “original, smart, funny… everything you expect” from this classic series writer but it also has “a big link to previous X-Files episodes.”

What that means remains to be seen. Still, even with so much going on I’m hoping that they give us a solid reason on why Mulder and Scully are working regular cases this season as you would think with the escalation from the last episode that it would be the primary focus moving forward. I’m excited to see it play out and suspect that Carter will deliver a solid reasoning as to how and why our favorite pair of agents are investigating in the way that they are.

Are you looking forward to the return of the ‘X-Files’ for another season? Do you feel that this could be the last with Scully and Mulder and will it deliver the goods for both the mythology and stand-alone cases? Share your thoughts below!

Source: TV Line