Halle Berry In ‘John Wick 3’ – Summit Entertainment – Lionsgate

Halle Berry is set to blast off in Roland Emmerich’s new science fiction movie ‘Moonfall’.  Berry will portray an astronaut-turned-administrator who discovers her prior space missions hold the key to an upcoming catastrophe.  Josh Gad will play a scientist who discovers that the moon has slipped from its orbit.  Emmerich is known for his bombastic action movies, including ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’ and ‘Midway’, and will direct with a script that he co-wrote with his ‘2012’ collaborators Harald Kloser and Spenser Cohen.

Berry’s character will have to assemble a “ragtag team” for a “last-ditch mission” to the moon’s surface in an effort to save the entire planet.  (via Variety)

‘Moonfall’ is expected to shoot in Montreal as soon as it becomes possible, with a 2021 release being eyed.  The film hails from Lionsgate who also produced and distributed Berry’s last movie, ‘John Wick Chapter 3: Parabellum’.  ‘Moonfall’ was first announced about a year ago, last May.

This should be familiar territory for Berry, who also played an astronaut on the CBS TV series ‘Extant’, which lasted for two seasons.  She previously starred in Steven Spielberg’s ‘Cloud Atlas’, and of course she may be best known for playing Storm in multiple ‘X-Men’ movies from 20th Century Fox.  She just directed her first film, the MMA fighting drama ‘Bruised’.  That film is in post-production but has not yet been assigned a release date.

It’s unclear if Gad’s casting indicates that ‘Moonfall’ will have a comedic edge, or if he will be turning in a rare serious role.  While Berry’s character’s name is unknown, Gad will play a character named KC Houseman.

It seems as though Lionsgate is anxious to get this movie into production quickly, so look out for more casting news and other updates as they arrive.