Jason Fuchs Is Taking Trespasser To The Big Screen

In 2017, Alterna Comics released Justin M. Ryan’s ‘Trespasser’ and now the comic has had the rights picked up by Endeavor Content and Jason Fuchs (‘Wonder Woman.’) Fuchs is slated to produce the movie with Gabe Hobson (‘True Detective’) lined up to write the script.

The story takes place after a war has ruined the air and food supply for most of the world and we focus on Hector and his daughter Maria. The two have taken to living in the wilderness and are barely surviving when a stranger arrives at their home in a fiery crash. To protect his daughter, Hector will confront the mystery that surrounds this stranger.

There isn’t much to go on in details for the direction of the cinematic take on the story yet, but it sounds like they are trying to make a contained thriller akin to ‘A Quiet Place.’

The synopsis from the graphic novel that collected the 4-issues describe it as:

Alone and afraid, how far will one man go to protect his child from the unknown? As the world crumbled around him, Hector Ramos retreated into a life of solitude to keep his young daughter, Maria, out of the worst of it. They lived a hard but simple life until the day Hector stumbled across a strange intruder on their property. Whether the trespasser is a threat or simply a lost wanderer, one thing is obvious—maintaining their simple existence will come with a sacrifice, perhaps even the ultimate one. Writer Justin M. Ryan and artist Kristian Rossi craft a powerful and emotional high-tension thriller.

It is easy to see how from the descriptions alone that this won’t need to have the same level of a production budget that many comics need to end up having.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Trespasser’? Do you feel that this is exactly the kind of film which can be made in the same style as ‘A Quiet Place’ and be different enough not to draw comparisons? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Deadline.