Mark Millar (‘Kick-Ass 2‘,’Nemesis‘) has started to share the details on his developing Millarworld Universe and some of his planning was taken directly out of the Marvel playbook. His plan? To make a set of interconnected comic book series that will be running and developed over the next few years – which is pretty much how Marvel started their own world and he directly references Marvel’s creation while talking about his own.

“Stan [Lee], Jack [Kirby] and Steve [Ditko] managed to create the Marvel Universe inside two or three years and establish everything, and I have the next three years planned out similarly with a number of amazing artists as my partners. The whole thing is interconnected like the Marvel movies, the most popular ones maybe getting sequels if the story lends itself to it. It’s actually a nice relaxed way of working, and I’ve got nine new titles planned over the next three years in total.”

I’m glad he finds the ideas as a nice relaxed way of working because this is clearly his most ambitious project yet, as the creation of a franchise is always risky business. While some of the books will have direct crossovers, some of them will be extremely limited and almost Easter Egg in nature. Take the crossover between his series ‘MPH‘ which he’s doing with artist Duncan Fegredo:

“For example, there’s a scientist who disappears in the back story of MPH, just dropping out of society and going missing, who shows up in another title a year later”. On top of that we’ll also see that “There’s a secret society in the Sean Gordon Murphy-[illustrated] books that ties into the Starlight book and the origins of this planet”.

Another fun tidbit to keep in mind is a lot of these comics will probably end up as films. We already know that Fox plans on bringing ‘Starlight’ to the big screen we might be seeing its first teaser in ‘Kick-Ass 3’ as he loves how Marvel has been doing their postcredit scenes.

“That’s something I’m doing here with Kick-Ass 3 teasing MPH, Starlight setting up the Sean Gordon Murphy project, MPH leading into the [Bryan] Hitch project and Sean’s project leading into a book with the biggest artist in the industry at the moment in 2015. It’s great fun.”

Are you excited for the Millarworld Universe? Do you think it has the potential to be a modern take on how Marvel has done things, sort of like when they redid their universe in a modern setting with Ultimate Marvel? Share your thoughts below!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter