Cailey Fleming as Judith Grimes- The Walking Dead Season 10, Episode 15 – Photo Credit: Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

‘The Walking Dead’ is a show that is known for its unfortunate twists, but the latest doesn’t come from the cruel writers, but the real world.  This past episode, “The Tower,” the 15th of its 10th season, was not intended to be the season finale, but for the time being, it will unexpectedly serve as such, until the final 16th episode, entitled “A Certain Doom,” can be completed, and there is currently no clue of when that will be.

The last episode has been filmed and post-production had begun on it, but the COVID-19 pandemic shut that down.  For the show’s creators– and no doubt the fans– that was especially hard to deal with, as they were so close to wrapping up the season, only for the last piece of the puzzle to suddenly be ripped from their hands.

Showrunner Angela Kang spoke to Deadline, and said”

“For big episodes like that, to deliver them, it’s basically about two weeks before air. It takes that long to get all of the post-production effects done and all the final finishing. So, we were about a week and a half out by the time the California governor called a shutdown to stuff because of the coronavirus. AMC had no real choice, it’s like the sound stage move and all of the machinery from our vendors.

“You know, our post department really was like, man, like, we wish we could’ve done it, but how do you crunch all of that work in in a matter of 24 hours? It just can’t be done. That was disappointing for everybody, but you know, we’re almost at that finish line. They’re trying to finish what they can, and then once things are up and running, we’ll finish it out and air it, and I’m excited for people to watch the episode when it’s finally done.”

Fans of other shows are also suffering similarly.  The final season of The CW’s ‘Supernatural’ also remains unfinished for now, but in that case, there are still multiple episodes to be shot.

How do you feel ‘The Walking Dead’ ended?  Are you upset that the finale won’t air for several months potentially?