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Blumhouse films are typically made on a smaller budget. However, they usually have such a mass appeal that a profit is easily pulled in. It’s a great strategy that Jason Blum, the company’s CEO, has come up with. If you look at the man’s slate of upcoming films, there’s no doubt that he’s a horror film juggernaut. With ‘The Craft‘ and another ‘Halloween’ sequel on the way, could we see another classic get new life?

Following the box office success of ‘The Invisible Man,’ it would be a missed opportunity not to try to collect the whole set of cinema’s golden age boogeymen. With that being said, Blum may be looking at resurrecting another classic Universal monster. That creature is the creation of doctor Victor Von Frankenstein. While appearing on the Evolution of Horror Podcast, the producer extraordinaire laid out his plans for the reanimated corpse:

“I’d love to do Frankenstein. I’ve tasked our filmmakers with trying to figure out just straight Frankenstein. Again, I don’t know if someone else is doing it, I don’t know anything about it, but I would love to try and I’m waiting for the great idea. The Invisible Man, I agree, the best ideas feel like, ‘My gosh, it’s so obvious, why didn’t that happen before?’ If we could come up with something as good for Frankenstein, I’d love to try that.”

Mary Shelley’s ‘Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus’ has seen its share of adaptations. First published in 1818, the book received a silver screen version that became a classic thanks to Universal Pictures. The Universal version is a beautiful film with Boris Karloff. Yet, it missed out on many of the philosophical elements of the book. In ’94, Kenneth Branagh starred in and directed his vision of the book with Robert De Niro as the creature. Many others have tried their hand at translating Shelley’s work to TV and theatres with varying degrees of success.

Could Blum be the person to finally make a memorable and lasting ‘Frankenstein’ for modern audiences? Let us know in the comments.