Supernatural Thriller The Pinkerton To Unite Bad Robot With 'F9' Writer

Warner Bros., Bad Robot, and ‘F9’ scribe Daniel Casey will be bringing us something we don’t get to see too often: a Western supernatural thriller.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story that JJ Abrams’s company is getting ready to move on its first film since penning a deal with Warner Bros. last year. ‘The Pinkerton’ is shrouded in mystery. The basic idea is that it is a supernatural revenge thriller. The film has no set release schedule. About all we can do right now is speculate. What could be the setting, themes, and how does the Pinkerton agency fits into all this? What we can do is give you a bit of a history lesson on the film’s namesake.


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The Pinkertons don’t get a whole lot of love on film. Those familiar with ‘Red Dead Redemption 2’ or ‘Bioshock: Infinite’ will no doubt find the name familiar. Pinkerton is a private company that provided both security and detective services starting in 1850. The business had dealings with bringing in outlaws and protecting important figures. One high profile client was President Abraham Lincoln. With such a lofty history, it is surprising that this organization has been utilized more in fiction.

Daniel Casey is the writer behind the next ‘The Fast and the Furious’ sequel. Could that give us some insight as to where he may take audiences? The romanticized version of the Pinkertons is very much based in the Wild West days. Could the story involve a Pinkerton agent arising from the grave to get revenge on an outlaw? Or maybe a Pinkerton is being haunted by the spirit of someone he/she brought to justice?

Deep down, I hope this is just a reboot of ‘House II: The Second Story.’ That wish has absolutely nothing to do with my love of that little caterpillar puppy creature. None at all.