Orlando Jones and Ricky Whittle
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Remember in December when the world of STARZ’s ‘American Gods’ blew up?  Just when you might have started forgetting, Orlando Jones has released some messages exchanged between himself and the show’s lead, Ricky Whittle, which dredges up the dirty split between Jones and Fremantle Media, the company that produces ‘American Gods’.

In December, Jones posted a fiery video tirade in which he informed everyone that he had been fired from ‘American Gods’ in September, at least in part, because the producers felt his “angry Black man” character, known for inspiring revolutions, sent the wrong message to “Black America.”

It seems that Whittle, who is half-Jamaican/half-British, took exception to Jones’ claims that his termination was racially-motivated, although he seemed to reinforce the fact that “incompetence” was responsible for a lot of the behind-the-scenes drama on ‘American Gods’.


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Below is the message Jones posted on Twitter.  Whittle’s words are on the left (in gray) and Jones’ responses are on the right in red.

As Whittle wrote:

“Using the racism card to burn ur friends house down is clever but we both know it’s incompetence not racism & we are caught in the crossfire… We totally had ur back on the incompetence, but pulling the race card to [incite] public trolls is a bulls–t tactic & u know it.”

Jones responded by saying that Whittle “has no idea what transpired between me, [American Gods production company] Freemantle and Starz. Nvr asked, nvr cared.”

Jones jabs that despite Whittle’s friendly supportive tone, that the two are not friends, and he doesn’t know who the “We” Whittle refers to is.


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After Jones dragged him, Whittle posted the following.  While he doesn’t directly address Jones, it seems that he wants to take the high road, as they say.

‘American Gods’ has been plagued with drama since the release of the successful first season, with different showrunners for each season so far.  The current showrunner, Charles “Chick” Eglee is already plotting out a fourth season.  Season 3 is expected to wrap this coming week and should be released later this year.

In addition to Jones, Fremantle also fired Omid Abtahi, who played gay mortal Muslim, Salim, and Mousa Kraish, who played his supernatural lover, the Jinn.  The character Mad Sweeney, played by Pablo Schreiber, was killed off in Season 2, so he isn’t expected to return either.

Check back for updates on ‘American Gods’ as they become available.


Source: TV Line