American Gods

It was a long and bumpy trek getting ‘American Gods’ back on the air for a sophomore season, but it appears that the numbers of the new episodes are strong enough that Starz has already renewed it for a third, but of course, there will be another shakeup behind the scenes.  Charles “Chic” Eglee will take over as the new showrunner and executive producer.  Bryan Fuller and Michael Green created the show and served as co-showrunners for Season One, but left after clashing with Fremantle Media over the length and budget of Season Two.  After a lengthy search, Jesse Alexander was selected to run Season Two, but according to reports, he was mostly sidelined, but not officially let go.

Eglee has a lengthy resumé, having created the series ‘Dark Angel’, ‘Total Security’, ‘Murder One’, and ‘The Byrds of Paradise’.  More recently, he has worked as a writer and executive producer on ‘Hemlock Grove’, ‘The Walking Dead’, ‘Dexter’, and ‘The Shield’.

‘American Gods’ is based on the Neil Gaiman novel of the same name.  Gaiman also serves as an executive producer on the show.  The story tells of a war brewing between the gods of ancient mythology and new gods that have come into being thanks to the American public’s adulation of technology, sex, drugs, fame, and other vices.

Regarding Eglee’s appointment, Gaiman said:

“I’m thrilled ‘American Gods’ has been renewed for a third season, and even more thrilled that I’m getting to work on it with Chic Eglee.  Chic is the best partner-in-crime. We’ve been working for weeks now on the shape of the season and I’m delighted that he gets to carry the ‘American Gods’ torch on to glory. Thank you to Fremantle, Starz and Amazon for having faith in the series, to Bryan, Michael, and Jesse for bringing it this far, to all the cast and crew, and most of all to the viewers. It’s their love of the characters that took us to this point, and will take us on to the next chapter.”

Starz president of programming, Carmi Zlotnik added:

“Audiences continue to worship at the altar of ‘American Gods’ and we are excited to be able to announce to all the true believers that there is more of this fantastical series to come.  With Chic at the helm, the invaluable insight and contributions of Neil Gaiman and the undeniable talent of this dedicated cast and crew, we know that the show will continue to deliver on the vision and promise laid out in the novel.”

‘American Gods’ airs on Starz on Sunday nights at 8 pm EST.

Source: Variety