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Last June, Netflix announced that ‘Lucifer’, the supernatural series that it saved from cancellation, would end with the upcoming fifth season, and even super-sized it to 16 episodes to allow co-showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson to wrap the series up in a satisfying way.  But lately, there have been rumblings that the streaming service is second-guessing that axing.  TV Line confirms that Modrovich and Henderson have both officially signed on to continue in their roles… IF Netflix orders a sixth season.

So, no, Netflix has not officially ordered more just yet, but if they do, the core creative team will remain intact.  But there is no show without star Tom Ellis.  TV Line also reports that he is in negotiations with Warner Bros. Television to continue, once again, IF Netflix orders more.  All parties are “expecting a positive outcome.”

If this happens, some backtracking may be required.  Modrovich and Henderson have repeatedly expressed that knowing the fifth season was the last, they gave the series a proper send-off.  If the story continues beyond that, they will likely need to go back and reshoot the last episode, or maybe even portions of several episodes, in order to keep the door open for further adventures.


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Luckily (kind of), the return date of ‘Lucifer’ has not been announced and probably won’t be until after a decision is made.  Either way, it is expected that the 16 episodes will be split into two eight-episode chunks and released separately.  (A fairly common practice, when you think about the fact that even network shows go on a several-week hiatus in the winter.)

‘Lucifer’ aired for three seasons on FOX.  After that, Netflix rescued it, but after the release of the new fourth season, it announced the show would end.  It’s not clear why they had a change of heart.  Perhaps the show has seen an increase in streams over time.  (It may have gotten a slight boost after Lucifer/Ellis popped up on The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover, establishing that this show is part of the larger Arrowverse.)

Expect an official announcement of a sixth season sometime soon.