war of the worlds

It’s time to run and hide as the aliens are here and hell-bent to destroy humanity! H.G. Well’s renowned novel ‘War of the Worlds’ is getting a modern-day reimaging over at EPIX and the result so far is a surprising blend of suspense, terror, and some legitimate scares in the vein similar to ‘The Walking Dead.’

Debuting last month, ‘War of the Worlds’ has an 8 episode run in its first season. Episode 3 will air this Sunday but you don’t have to wait until then to get a taste of what to expect as ScienceFiction.com has an exclusive first look clip of the episode right here!

To bring you up to speed, astronomer Catherine Durand (Léa Drucker) discovers a distinct extraterrestrial wavelength coming from space. While this may be cause for excitement, it is former neuroscientist Bill Ward (Gabriel Byrne) who realizes that the electromagnetic pulses in the signal are identical to the ones that trigger a deadly reaction in the human brain. But it is too late. Within days, the majority of the Earth’s population is killed. Those who are left must now navigate through the littered dead bodies while avoiding the dog-like robots that have landed to pick off any stragglers the pulse did not kill.

Sounds pretty good so far, right?


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Check out the clip below for Episode 3 as we watch the terror these robots reign over the survivors followed by a synopsis of the episode:



As the dust settles on their brave new world, the survivors are forced to face some cold truths. Catherine is stunned to discover the part she played in bringing about the alien attack. Helen becomes fixated on revenge. And Emily momentarily regains her sight. But is the miracle cause for celebration, or concern?


‘War of the Worlds’ stars Gabriel Byrne, Elizabeth McGovern, Léa Drucker, Natasha Little, Daisy Edgar Jones, Stéphane Caillard, Adel Bencherif, and Guillaume Gouix. The series was written by BAFTA award-winning scribe Howard Overman and produced by Urban Myth Films, in partnership with CANAL+, Fox Networks Group (FNG) Europe & Africa and AGC Television.

‘War of the Worlds’ airs Sundays on EPIX at 9 ET/PT.