Tom Ellis and Matt Ryan from Crisis on Infinite Earths
Joe Henderson for Entertainment Tonight

Is anyone really surprised that The Devil lied?  ‘Lucifer’ star Tom Ellis flat-out denied that he would appear in The CW’s all-encompassing DC crossover event “Crisis on Infinite Earths,” yet lo and behold, there he was in the third hour of the event, on ‘The Flash’ episode.

In a quest to salvage the soul of Oliver Queen, John Constantine takes Mia Queen and John Diggle to Earth-666 (get it?!) to Lucifer’s club to gain access to Purgatory.

Regarding his earlier denial, Ellis posted on Twitter:

Speaking separately to Entertainment Tonight, Ellis spilled all the infernal beans:

“So yes, he is in the crossover. When I went to go and shoot the scene, we were talking on set beforehand — myself and Matt Ryan — and we were like, ‘This is so exciting. Wouldn’t it be amazing if we could keep this a secret for the fans until they actually see it onscreen that night?’  Of course, these days that’s not that possible with social media at all. I think there were a few people hanging around the set who noticed that I was there and put stuff out that I was going to be in it, so I kind of was like, ‘I would still really like to surprise some people.’ So that is why [I fibbed].


“I hope [the fans] are reacting with pleasure!  I mean, that’s why I wanted to keep it a surprise because really, with all these characters that we do know that are happening in the crossover, we just wanted it to be something that would surprise and it would be a nice little Easter egg.”

I think it worked!  Was anyone really upset that Ellis has denied being in “Crisis” just to pop up?  Isn’t it nice to actually be surprised once in a while?  Baby Yoda says, “Yes.”

What did you think of Lucifer’s cameo in “Crisis On Infinite Earths?”  If you want to see it again, here you go!

“Crisis On Infinite Earths” resumes on January 14, on ‘Arrow’ at 8 pm, and a special episode of ‘Legends of Tomorrow’ at 9 pm.