The Skywalker saga is officially over, but are we all satisfied? Did we get the closure needed to move on to the next chapter in ‘Star Wars’? No. ‘The Rise of Skywalker’ bombarded us with so much so quickly. The film had little time left to answer questions left over from the last two films. How did Papa Palpatine survive the Death Star’s destruction? Who are all these robed folks hanging out on Exogol? How did our heroes not notice the other shuttle that took off with the imprisoned Chewy? How do underground caves work if sand is constantly pouring in from above?

Ok, ok. We’re straying into plot holes that were a result of multiple cuts and reshoots, but the major questions remain. J.J. Abrams packed a lot into a movie that really should have taken place across Episodes VIII and IX. We’ll just have to make do … or will we?


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Cinemblend is reporting that the writer behind the ‘Star Wars: Thrawn’ and ‘Faith’ comic books may be tackling that project. We say “may” because Jody Houser has not given away a lot of details. She elaborated just a little. Maybe Disney will give her the freedom to go where JJ couldn’t? The ‘Rise of Skywalker’ comic scribe stated the following:

“I think one of the great things about adaptations in other mediums is you do get the chance to build out elements of the story there may not have been time or a place for on the screen. Giving light to new scenes gives the creators in these other mediums a chance to add to the story, rather than just translating it for the page.”

It’s enough of a tease to shake loose a few dollars from the old wallet, possibly. The comic book in question won’t hit store shelves in tandem with ‘Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker’ in March. The expanded story will be available in May.

What plot holes or unanswered questions are you hoping will get closure in the comic? Let us know below.