Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill on the set of ‘Locke and Key’. Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix

Readers of Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez’s IDW comic series ‘Locke & Key’ know that the Netflix adaptation has already covered a big chunk of the comic’s 42-issue story in its first season.  But anyone that has completed the first season knows that the door (or mirror portal) is definitely open for at least one more season.  The show’s executive producers Carlton Cuse and Meredith Averill state that there is still more content from the comics to mine for future episodes, but that the show will continue to incorporate new ideas, as they did with the first ten episodes.

Speaking to Collider, Cuse said:


“There was a story process that we went through, which was, there’s so much great stuff in the comic and we had to make some fundamental decisions about what we were gonna put in Season 1 and what we were gonna push down the road to Season 2. We spent a lot of time talking about how far we wanted to advance the audience’s knowledge of the mythology in the first season, and we made some very conscious decisions about what we wanted the audience to know by the end of the first season and what we were gonna hold for the second season. I think we’re pretty happy with the results. There are still some cool revelations in Season 2, but we wanted to give the audience a good dose of answers in Season 1.”

Locke & Key: The Locke children

The ‘Locke & Key’ TV series was just released last Friday, so it may be a while before we learn whether or not there will be a second season, but Cuse says that the writers have already begun hammering out the second storyline.  In addition to Cuse, Averill and comic creator Hill, Season 1 was penned by Aron Eli Coleite, Mackenzie Dohr, Andres Fischer-Centeno, Michael D. Fuller, Liz Phang, Vanessa Rojas, and Brett Treacy & Dan Woodward.  It remains to be seen which will return for S2 or if some new blood will be brought in.

Cuse said:

“Although Netflix has not picked up Season 2 (at the time this interview was conducted in January 2020), and their policy is not to do that until they have 30 days of data on the show, they have paid for a writers’ room. We’re in the middle of writing Season 2, so we’re optimistic and hopeful that we’re gonna get a chance to make Season 2. We very much know what it is because Meredith and I are in the middle of overseeing the writers’ room and we’re working on that right now.”

Locke & Key : Gage on a bike

Averill added:

“There certainly is more room in Season 2 for new stories, but we’re also always still mining story from the comics. There definitely are stories left in the comics that we want to hold onto, to use in future seasons. So, it still remains a bit of a remix, of pulling from stories from the comic and our own original stories.”

So far, audiences seem impressed with Netflix’s take on ‘Locke & Key’, so hopefully, the show will be renewed.  The first season ended with the stakes seemingly even higher than before, with certain original elements that the show’s creators concocted coming to the forefront.  So now, even readers of the source material are in for some surprises.

Season 1 of ‘Locke & Key’ is available to stream now on Netflix!