Adventure Time

Hulu has recently added Season 10 of ‘Adventure Time’ to its lineup making every episode of the popular and groundbreaking Cartoon Network series available to stream.  The announcement came via Twitter from Adam Muto, the show’s executive producer, and showrunner.

‘Adventure Time’ has been available on Hulu for some time now, but Season 10 just wrapped in September, after an extended hiatus.  (Unfortunately, ‘Adventure Time’ was just one of many shows on Cartoon Network plagued by long droughts in between episodes, so it’s a miracle it lasted as long as it did.)  By adding Season 10, Hulu has made it so that fans can stream every episode of the series in one spot.

‘Adventure Time’ was created by Pendelton Ward and premiered on Cartoon Network in 2010.  The show wasn’t just a hit with kids, but teens and adults who loved the art style and absurdist and surreal tone.  ‘Adventure Time’ spawned a million-dollar industry of licensed products, from video games to toys to apparel.  It also earned eight Emmy Awards and many other prestigious accolades during its run.

While the TV show is finished, Boom! Studios has announced that it will continue telling original stories set within the world of Ooo (a post-apocalyptic Earth, now populated by bizarre creatures made of candy, fire and other substances), with ‘Season 11’ comics.  The ‘Adventure Time’ comic book, originated by writer Ryan North, began in 2011 and has won an Eisner Award and two Harvey Awards.

In 2015, Pendleton Ward began working on an ‘Adventure Time’ movie, but the project was never officially announced or greenlit, and with the series defunct, it’s unlikely that it will ever happen.

Are you ready to revisit Ooo?  Will you follow the new adventures in the comic books?