Erza Miller
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Get ready for a new science fiction-themed musical as Ezra Miller is set to bring us ‘Neptune Frost!’ The upcoming film will be directed by artist and musician Saul Williams.  Williams and Miller teamed up to create a production company titled MartyrLoserKin which plans to “create and proliferate works that dismantle conventional cinematic ideological frameworks, as well as to synergistically naturalize into this industry more poetic, queer, explorative, anarchic, diverse, subversive, non-binary, aboriginal, environmental, ecological and esoterically conscious content that will speak to both the times in which we live and the forces that seek to restrict them.”

Needless to say, we’re going to be getting a fully inclusive company that will be promoting a diverse future for film and media, and their first project sounds like it’ll be something worth checking out!


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According to Deadline, here what ‘Neptune Frost’ is about:

The sci-fi musical follows an intersex African hacker, a coltan miner, and the virtual marvel born as a result of their union. Miller will produce alongside Williams. Lin-Manuel Miranda of Hamilton fame is set to executive produce alongside Stephen Hendel (Fela!). Principal photography begins is already underway in Rwanda.

That description clearly shows that this new all-inclusive production company is set to put into practice their vision right from the start. There is no word as to if Miller, Williams, or Miranda might also star in the film. Hopefully, Miranda will at least lend some of his amazing skills at creating musicals to the production.

Are you looking forward to checking out ‘Neptune Frost’ when it is released? Will MartyrLoserKin have a strong future ahead of them with bold new creative projects? Do you think that any of the executive producers may end up appearing in ‘Neptune Frost’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!