You could be forgiven for thinking the entire ‘Sharknado’ series was an exercise in reactive filmaking. After all, it’s not exactly a secret that each installment has in one way or another tried to one-up the one before – and this is a series that was never exactly known for its subtlety. But it turns out there’s more advance planning involved that you might expect. And that is very much a factor in the series’ upcoming finale, ‘The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time’.

Speaking during the film’s San Diego Comic-Con panel, director and series mastermind Anthony C. Ferrante described this outing as a victory lap, of sorts. He further revealed that not only will the film tie up all of the saga’s loose ends and that it will be packed with callbacks, including revisiting a location from the original ‘Sharknado’. But most interesting of all, the director said that the series’ ending was known “two movies ago,” so at least as early as ‘Sharknado: The Fourth Awakens’.

Also during the panel, several of the time-hopping epic’s settings were confirmed. We now know that ‘The Last Sharkado’ will include sequences that take place during the American Revolution, the Wild West, medieval times (no, not the dinner theater), and the Mesozoic Era (during which our valiant heroes will ride a pterodactyl).

The official synopsis for ‘The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time’ reads as follows:

“Our hero Fin has battled sharks all over the globe, but in this last installment, he will tackle the final shark-tier – time travel. In the ending moments of ‘Sharknado 5: Global Swarming’, Fin was seen wandering alone on Earth after it was destroyed. Now he must travel back in time to stop the Sharknado that started it all. Will Fin and the gang be able to set everything right and save the world once and for all?”

Series mainstay Anthony C. Ferrante returns to direct ‘The Last Sharknado: It’s About Time’. The climactic ‘Sharknado’ masterpiece stars Ian Ziering alongside a cast of series veterans that includes Tara Reid, Cassie Scerbo, and Vivica A. Fox, all of whom will reprise their familiar roles. The sure-to-be classic conclusion to the epic ‘Sharknado’ saga is set to air on Syfy on August 19, 2018.