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The ‘Clone Wars’ saga is finally drawing to a close. The animated journey that started as a series of micro episodes in 2003 and a full-fledged show in 2008 has been a great ride. Throughout the ups, downs, and stalls, ‘Clone Wars’ brought to us great new additions to the ‘Star Wars’ canon. We got fan-favorite Ahsoka Tano and a more fleshed-out version of Anakin Skywalker compared to the prequel films.

On February 21st, after a five-year hiatus since the last season, Disney+ is ready to bring us the closing chapter of the war that set in motion the rise of the Emperor and the fall of Anakin Skywalker. Are newcomers going to need a bit of a history lesson if they’re going to enjoy this swan song? Yes, according to Disney.


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Disney+ has curated a list of twenty episodes from the series’s past that are required viewing. A great way to reacquaint oneself with the series after such a long break for sure, but an even better tool for those who weren’t following the ‘Star Wars’ story until the more recent movies.

The Disney+ essential episode guide follows below, broken down by season. Strangely the third season only has one episode of note while the fifth makes a staggering nine entries.

Season 1:

  • Episode #1 ‘Ambush
  • Episode #5 ‘Rookies’

Season 2:

  • Episode #5 ‘Landing at Point Rain’
  • Episode #6 ‘Weapons Factory’
  • Episode #7 ‘Legacy of Terror’
  • Episode #8 ‘Brain Invaders’
  • Episode #12 ‘The Mandalore Plot’
  • Episode #13 ‘Voyage of Temptation’

Season 3: 

  • Episode #3 ‘Arc Troopers’

Season 4:

  • Episode #21 ‘Brothers’
  • Episode #22 ‘Revenge’

Season 5:

  • Episode #1 ‘Revival’
  • Episode #6 ‘The Gathering’
  • Episode #14 ‘Eminence’
  • Episode #15 ‘Shades of Reason’
  • Episode #16 ‘The Lawless’
  • Episode #17 ‘Sabotage’
  • Episode #18 ‘The Jedi Who Knew Too Much’
  • Episode #19 ‘To Catch a Jedi’
  • Episode #20 ‘The Wrong Jedi’

Which episodes will you start binging when you sign up for Disney+? Let us know in the comments below.