It’s not easy being a zombie these days. During filming today of ‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ a portion of the set separated apart causing 16 background actors to fall and become injured.

‘Resident Evil: Retribution’ is currently in Canada and the scene when the accident occurred involved background actors dressed as zombies to walk from one wheeled platform to another located several feet above the ground. One of the platforms moved causing a large enough gap to form that allowed 16 of the actors to fall through. Injuries included bruises, a cracked rib, broken tibia and one possible back injury. No serious life threatening injuries were reported.

Paramedics were called to the set and were taken aback at the seemingly horrible scene of bloodied bodies when they first arrived. It wasn’t until they quickly realized the actors were in full make up and costume that they were able to work around the faux wounds and access the injuries. 11 of the actors were taken to the hospital for further evaluation.

Impact Pictures, the film’s production company, released a statement saying,

“It is with regret that we confirm this unfortunate accident. The thoughts of everyone involved in the production are with those who have been injured, and we hope that all have a quick and complete recovery. The filmmakers are continuing to work closely with the authorities in responding to this incident.”

Seven of the 11 actors have already returned to work and filming has continued. According to a representative for Milla Jovovich, the actress was not on the set at the time of the accident. The accident is currently being investigated by Ontario’s Ministry of Labor.

Resident Evil: Retribution” is the fifth installment based on the popular video game series and is set for a theater release on September 14, 2012.