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Similarly to the first season, CBS All Access is lining up an impressive roster of stars for the second installment of ‘The Twilight Zone’, the sci-fi/thriller series produced by Jordan Peele.  The most recent additions are Morena Baccarin (‘Gotham’), Tony Hale (‘Toy Story 4’), Christopher Meloni (‘Happy!’), and Billy Porter (‘Like a Boss’).  Previously announced as appearing in Season 2 are Colman Domingo (‘Fear the Walking Dead’), Jenna Elfman (also ‘Fear the Walking Dead’), Ethan Embry (‘Grace & Frankie’), Sophia Macy (‘The Layover’), Tavi Gevinson (‘Neo Yokio’), Gillian Jacobs (‘Fear Street’), Joel McHale (‘Stargirl’), Jimmi Simpson (‘Dream Corp LLC’), Daniel Sunjata (‘The Stand’), and newcomer Abbie Hern.

In addition to executive producing, Peele penned the upcoming episode “Downtime,” which features Baccarin, Domingo, and Hale.

There will be ten episodes in the second season (same as the first) and here is a partial list of the titles, with writers:

“The Who of You”

Written by: Win Rosenfeld

Cast: Daniel Sunjata, Ethan Embry, and Billy Porter

“A Human Face”

Written by Alex Rubens

Cast: Jenna Elfman, Chris Meloni, and Tavi Gevinson


Written by: Glen Morgan

Cast: Joel McHale

“Among the Untrodden”

Written by: Heather Anne Campbell

Cast: Abbie Hern and Sophie Macy

“Meet in the Middle”

Written by: Emily C. Chang and Sara Amini

Cast: Jimmi Simpson and Gillian Jacobs

This also doesn’t reflect the order in which the episodes will air, as that has yet to be determined.  It also isn’t known when the new episodes will appear.  The first two episodes of Season 1 were released together, in April of last year, with one new episode released one per week.  Kumail Nanjiani was nominated for an Emmy Award for his starring role in the premiere episode “The Comedian.”

It’s quite possible that Season 2 of ‘The Twilight Zone’ will arrive around the same time this year.  Check back for updates as they arrive!


Source: Collider