Super Bowl 2020: Walmart's New Ads Older Bill S. Preston Esq. with Younger Bill S. Preston

Walmart is back with another pop culture-packed commercial for their pick-up service.  You may remember the older versions of this ad, which featured the Mystery Machine, Ecto-1, the Batmobile (Nolan version), KITT, the dog car from ‘Dumb and Dumber’, and other famous vehicles.  The new ad continues that tradition, but with a decided science fiction slant.

This time, folks from all over the galaxy are headed to Walmart because… I dunno, you’re not allowed to go out in your pajamas in space?  The clip kicks off with a shot of the starship Enterprise, and in quick succession is joined by the ship from ‘The Last Starfighter’, the Guardians of the Galaxy’s Milano, Flash Gordon on his hover scooter, flanked by an army of Hawkmen, Buzz Lightyear, the car from ‘Men in Black’ (driven by Frank the Pug), and a LEGO ship, piloted by Benny the Astronaut from ‘The LEGO Movie’, accompanied by Wyldstyle.


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Then the phone booth from the ‘Bill & Ted’ movies materializes and out steps Alex Winter, a.k.a. Bill S. Preston Esq. as he appears today, and in the upcoming movie ‘Bill & Ted Face the Music’.  He soon comes face to face with his younger form, lifted from the earlier movies.

The ad goes on to incorporate characters, ships, and images from ‘Mars Attacks’, ‘Arrival’, ‘Blade Runner’, and ‘Star Wars’.  Did I miss anything?  Check it out for yourself and fill in any blanks:

You can catch the ad on television during Sunday’s Super Bowl.  That is the most-watched telecast of the year, and companies cough up big bucks to place their splashiest ads during it.  This year, it costs $5.6 million for one 30-second spot.  This ad is one minute long, so Walmart is shelling out over $11 million to broadcast this clip.

What do you think?  Is this sci-fi mashup worth the price?