Back in May, it was announced that Donald Glover and his brother Stephen were developing an animated ‘Deadpool’ series for FXX.  The siblings would both executive produce, serve as showrunners and writers for the show, which will surely hew closer to the hit R-rated movie, even though Deadpool has appeared in various more… family-friendly animated series in the past, like ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ (image above).

Expect ‘Deadpool’ to fit in better with other FXX offerings like ‘Archer’one of the network’s flagship shows, plus previous offerings like ‘Ax Cop’, and sister network FX’s ‘Chozen’.  I probably wouldn’t expect to see the animated Deadpool’s naked genitalia onscreen, however.

And while ‘Deadpool’ is surely becoming a reality because of the movie’s popularity, don’t expect it to be slavishly beholden to it.  FX head John Landgraf made it clear that this is an all new take on ‘Deadpool’, unlike any other version before.

“Deadpool will be really different from the movies. It has a different tone and editorial voice. [We] wanted to make something distinctly different from the movies.”

Is that a good sign or bad?  The film was a hit for a reason, right?  Obviously an animated series, even one on FXX intended for adults, couldn’t get away with half of what the raunchiness of the silver screen take.

Donald Glover also stars on FXX’s acclaimed live action series ‘Atlanta’, which co-stars Zazie Beetz, who just so happens to be playing Domino in the live action ‘Deadpool 2’.  And Glover previously voiced Miles Morales on Disney XD’s ‘Ultimate Spider-Man’ and had a small role in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’.  FX is also home to the Marvel Comics-inspired ‘Legion’.  Small multiverse, right?

Can an animated series possibly live up to fan expectations after the smash success of the film?  What elements would you like to see in the animated series?

Source: Screen Rant