After a string of some really excellent action-packed episodes, the show is now on its spring hiatus.  And while the fans (myself included) wait patiently for it to start back up again, let’s talk about what’s been happening thus far in the lives of Dean and Sam and see if we can figure out where the show’s heading.

So what do we know thus far?  Well, the most pertinent issue at the moment for the Winchester boys and their friends is the arrival of Eve, the Mother of all monsters.  Having recently been released from Purgatory, she’s about to make things excruciatingly painful for humankind.  Her goal?  To overpopulate the earth with monsters so that humans become the minority.

Sam, Dean and Bobby want to stop her of course.  But no one knows for sure what they need to take her down.  And she does incredible damage to people she comes in contact with, so unless Castiel or someone of a higher nature gets involved it’s hard to imagine them defeating her on their own.  Of course I could be totally wrong, but it just looks as though the boys are in up to their necks in trouble.

But let’s not forget the second issue that’s been brewing, lest it be eclipsed by the arrival of Eve.  Sam’s soul is back in place and the wall is (for now) helping him function without much memory of what happened while he was in the cage with Lucifer and Michael.  As we’ve seen though, when Sam’s memory is jogged just a little the results can be catastrophic.  And is it just me or did Sam’s grandfather seem just a little too eager to help him remember the things he’d done?  It’s impossible to know what’s going to happen since the CW isn’t sharing any information, but it’s easy to speculate how someone (or something) is probably going to come sooner or later.  And when just a glimpse of hell caused Sam to crumble and fall to the floor like a paper doll, how much worse will it be when the dam is broken and his memories come flooding back?  Will we be left with a catatonic Sam?  Only time will tell.

And now it’s Dean’s turn.  His relationship with Lisa has failed, and his life is empty without her and Ben.  Even so, he knows he’ll never be able to fully relax and live a normal life because he knows what’s out there and what can happen to all of them if he lets his guard down.  And even if he could, that would mean abandoning his little brother which he’d never do.  When it comes to family he has a great sense of obligation.  Not only that, but his family is also a vulnerable spot for him.  He’s almost needy at times when it comes to his relationship with first his father and now his brother.  But shouldn’t he be?  I mean, his brother is all he has left.  Of course there’s Bobby, but Sam’s been there for him through it all and he’s his blood.  We’ll have to see what happens because over the course of several seasons Dean’s been saying how tired he is of the life.  Maybe he’ll leave it behind one day after all.

Since all we can do is speculate at this point, we’ll have to wait for Supernatural to return on April 15 to find out what will really happen.  Be sure to tune in at 9 EST on The CW to find out what happens to Sam, Dean and the rest of the gang.