John Cho

John Cho began filming his high-profile lead role on the Netflix live-action adaptation of the manga/anime ‘Cowboy Bebop’, but that came to an abrupt halt in October when he was injured while performing a stunt on set, which required surgery and recovery time.  Even so, Netflix remains committed to Cho and having him star as the mercenary Spike Spiegel on ‘Cowboy Bebop’.

While promoting his new horror movie ‘The Grudge’, John Cho spoke briefly about ‘Cowboy Bebop’, assuring that the series will “keep it strange” to match the source material.  As he told IGN:

“We’re not done, but it’s really cool. It’s such a unique piece of material. It’s got such a unique vibe.  So many disparate elements being put together into a single project that’s so weird.  I think that was the big things that I was focusing on the whole time, we gotta keep it strange and that’s hard to do.  But I watched some of the stuff, and I am really happy with it.”

Below, you can watch Cho’s full interview, including his recollections of his favorite scenes from the anime.


Netflix’s adaptation of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ stars Daniella Pineda as the “bold, brash and unpredictable” amnesiac Faye Valentine, a sharp-tongued con woman, while Mustafa Shakir plays the “softy at heart” ex-cop Jet Black, the pilot of the group, who lost his job after being framed.  Opposing this group of mercenaries is Vicious, played by Alex Hassell, the leader of the criminal organization known as The Syndicate, who also happens to be Spike’s former partner.  “He will kill anyone who gets in the way of his business without a second thought.”  Elena Satine portrays Vicious’ girlfriend, Julia who shares a mysterious connection to Spike, appearing to him in dreams and visions.

Christopher Yost is writing the series, and Alex Garcia Lopez is set to direct the first two episodes.  Production is expected to be delayed by at least six months, but it’s been about three since Cho’s injury, so we’re halfway there.

No telling on when the live-action version of ‘Cowboy Bebop’ will arrive, but check back for updates.