With ‘Krypton’ set to premiere on SYFY on March 21, it was high time for the network to release another trailer for the series, one a little bit meatier with more story-elements and some twists that would help entice viewers to the new show. Luckily for us, SYFY did exactly that this week with a new trailer that not only showed off more of the look and style of the series, but also introduced us to the show’s version of Adam Strange, and the concept of time-travel playing a part on the series (something I had not really considered before this, thinking it was just a straight-up prequel).

Now, knowing that time-travel is involved, the show has a lot more leeway with the stories they want to tell and what they can get away with which does open a lot of doors for the writers who may want to include characters (heroes and villains) from the present timeline of DC Comics on the show. According to executive producer David S. Goyer (of ‘The Dark Knight’ and ‘Man of Steel’ writing fame) at the Television Critics Association’s winter press tour :

“You can tell [from that trailer] that time travel is involved, and what that means is history could be changed, and what happens in this show could be very different from the backstory that people know. A lot of people know that Krypton blows up and that’s what caused Superman to come to Earth, but this is really an untold story.”

Geoff Johns (DC Entertainment CCO) also chimed in about the possibilities with time travel:

“The time travel element does give us some unpredictability and some creative license to do some stories you don’t know or stories that play out differently than what people might assume.”

When speaking about the presence of Adam Strange in the trailer and what his role could be in the series since he will travel to the past of knowledge of the fate of Krypton and the importance of the El family, Johns stated:

“He’s an unlikely hero…He’s the unlikely choice of shouldering this burden of trying to stop someone from the present trying to prevent this Superman legacy… Adam Strange is a character that doesn’t really embody what Superman does as far as honor and justice, doesn’t really know right from wrong, but looks up to Superman.”

Johns also spoke on the potential for other big DC heroes/characters to make appearances on the show, especially now that they have the Adam Strange precedent already in place:

“It’s this gateway into the DC science fiction universe. Because we’re also the Phantom Zone figures into the show, which means we can delve into other times and other planets eventually, even the inclusion of Adam Strange, that should tip you off that it’s not going to just be set on Krypton.”

Of course, the big question for most fans (including yours truly) is, could we ever see the Man of Steel himself make an appearance on ‘Krypton,’ for which Johns also had an answer:

“The door is open.”

Check out the full trailer for yourself below, and share any thoughts you have on the new series, what characters you would love to see them bring in, or if the addition of time-travel makes the whole thing way too confusing (especially for a show already poised to puzzle some viewers who are not as familiar with Superman’s origins and wondering what/ who the show is actually about). As always, leave your comments below!