Wonder Woman 1984: Wonder Woman with her golden lasso
Warner Bros.

It’s time to say goodbye to ‘The Rise of Skywalker’, ‘Avengers: Endgame’, and the rest of the hits of 2019.  Fans are looking forward to the new releases of 2020, and one of the most anticipated new films is ‘Wonder Woman 1984’, the sequel to the 2017 hit.  Gal Gadot is back as DC Comic’ lead female hero in a new time setting– 1984, during the Cold War between the U.S. and the U.S.S.R.  Patty Jenkins returns to direct, with Chris Pine reprising his role as Steve Trevor, even though he died in the first movie.

Kristen Wiig joins as Barbara Minerva, a.k.a. The Cheetah, along with Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord.  Even though Lord is an established DC character, he has been depicted in various different ways– sometimes a hero and sometimes a villain.  It seems pretty clear that the version in the film will be on the villainous side.


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In anticipation, Fandango has revealed a new photo of Gadot, although this appears to be just for fun.  It doesn’t look like a shot from the movie.  Check it out:

Warner Bros.

Fast forward to the 1980s as Wonder Woman’s next big screen adventure finds her facing two all-new foes: Max Lord and The Cheetah. With director Patty Jenkins back at the helm and Gal Gadot returning in the title role, “Wonder Woman 1984” is Warner Bros. Pictures’ follow up to the DC Super Hero’s first outing, 2017’s record-breaking “Wonder Woman,” which took in $822 million at the worldwide box office. The film also stars Chris Pine as Steve Trevor, Kristen Wiig as The Cheetah, Pedro Pascal as Max Lord, Robin Wright as Antiope, and Connie Nielsen as Hippolyta.

Plans are already underway for a third ‘Wonder Woman’ movie, as well as a spin-focusing on ‘The Amazons’.

Even though ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ is rumored to be 100% complete, it doesn’t swing into theaters until June 5, 2020.