Lady Trieu screen shot from HBO's Watchmen

One question many viewers of HBO’s ‘Watchmen’ may have come away with was why exactly Lady Trieu went out of her way to buy a piece of farmland. We know that something crashed into it but many in the audience might have not put together what it was. Showrunner Damon Lindelof is eager to clarify that as once you’ve seen the series it was never meant to be a mystery. In retrospect, with how the timeline worked between the multiple stories being told, it makes sense. I’m just not sure how many people would have put together the puzzle without giving the limited series a second viewing.

Thanks to an Entertainment Weekly interview, however, Lindelof himself clarified what crash-landed:

“I’ll answer that because it was not meant to be ambiguous. It was [Lady Trieu’s ship containing Adrian Veidt returning to Earth]. It was knocked off course. It hit a meteor or something. So it was landing in a different spot than it was supposed to.”



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Looking back at the series from start to end, we already know that Veidt was decorating Lady Trieu’s living space, so it makes sense that it was the ship. However, I’m going to have to do a rewatch myself to see if we were directly told that “it was knocked off course,” as I don’t recall if that spelled out. That being said, while we had theories early on that Veidt’s story was told in a different time frame from the main story, it wasn’t clarified precisely how separate it was until the final episode. There are likely quite a few clues that we were given to put this together that a second viewing will reveal.

With that mystery solved, and a second season likely not happening, the next question surrounding Veidt is how the smartest man in the world is going to get out of the current mess he has found himself in.

Did you catch that Lady Trieu had purchased the land to recover the spaceship returning with Adrian Veidt? Were there any hints that you saw which indicated it had been knocked off course? Share your thoughts in the comments below!