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Now that ‘Watchmen’ Season 1 has come to an amazing close on HBO, fans are turning to Executive Producer Damon Lindelof and asking what he has planned for Season 2. Sadly for them, his initial response has been that he has no plans for Season 2 as it seems as though he is pretty satisfied with the first season he produced, and (understandably) does not want to sully his work by making another without a good reason to do so, not to mention without having an amazing idea for what to do in Season 2. He seems most concerned about the notion of making Season 2 simply because the first season was successful, saying that it does not make for good television.

His devotion to the source material seems admirable, making him weigh decisions like this carefully as he has always wanted to honor the original ‘Watchmen.’ However, that does not necessarily mean that Season 2 will not happen, even if Lindelof does not have an idea for it.


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While talking about a potential Season 2 for the series with THR recently, Lindelof said that he is curious:

“…the same way that I’m interested in anything that calls itself Watchmen. I do find it interesting, where the story could go next”.

He went on to talk about the potential for the series become something of an anthology similar to ‘Fargo’ or ‘True Detective,’ claiming that he feels that the world “can accommodate a much larger space of storytelling.” As stated before, he feels very strongly that a Season Two “requires a new idea” though he is open to that idea coming from someone other than him or his writing staff, stating:

“I would welcome that, one hundred percent.”

Of course, an anthology type series does not always work, as fans learned from ‘True Detective’ when the second season was not met with the same love as the initial one. And how it would all work would be interesting as well as, unlike ‘American Horror Story,’ I do not think ‘Watchmen’ could do something like keeping the same cast as they tell different stories in different eras from the universe due to the continuity of the ‘Watchmen’ stories and the world that has been built up already. But it could be interesting to see a story set in the early days of the Minutemen, or even the heyday of the Comedian, or Doctor Manhattan during the Vietnam War, or even the rise of Ozymandias, or even jumping to the future telling a story talking about where Laurie or Looking Glass go from here. Fans would tune in, though any quality drop on this particular franchise would spell instant doom, as it was only the exceptional writing and craftsmanship of Lindelof and company that allowed hardcore ‘Watchmen’ fans to soften to the idea of this “sequel” series, as initial fan thoughts were not all that kind toward the HBO adaptation.

What are your thoughts for ‘Watchmen’ Season 2? Would you want to see it go the way of an anthology series? Would you want to wait to see if Lindelof came up with an idea to keep the series going as is, to see what happens next for Angela? Feel free to share your thoughts and theories in the comments below!


Source: Screen Rant