Maggie Geha‘Gotham’ wants to take the character Ivy Pepper in a decidedly different direction.  Therefore young Clare Foley is out and Maggie Geha is in for Season Three.  Geha is best known as the Girl, as the host of a DIY/how to tutorial series, and has dabbled in acting with her longest stint being six episodes of ‘All My Children’ as Susan.  She also appeared in ‘Ted 2’ and in Beyoncé’s music video for ‘Pretty Hurts’.

Geha’s Ivy will be 19 years-old and encounters a “monster” at Indian Hill and as a result, “finds herself reborn and one step closer to the DC villain she is destined to become.”  Reportedly, she’s quite the cougar!  She sets her sights on 15 year-old Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz).  (Actually, Mazouz is 15.  I’m not really certain how old Bruce is supposed to be on the show.)

Jamie ChungIn other news, Geha joins another new cast member, Jamie Chung who will portray Valerie Vale, the aunt of Vicki Vale.  Vicki Vale, in the comics and in the first 1989 ‘Batman’ movie, was an intrepid reporter, like Lois Lane.  On ‘Gotham’ Valerie is also a journalist, who joins the staff of the ‘Gotham Gazelle’ who will be investigating Jim Gordon (Ben McKenzie) in hopes of discovering what bizarre events are transpiring at Indian Hill.

When the show ended, Hugo Strange’s monsters had been set loose, so expect the first episodes of the new season to deal with the ramifications of that.

‘Gotham’ Season Three kicks off on FOX on September 18, at 8 pm EST.  The first episode is entitled ‘Better To Reign In Hell…’ and was written by John Stephens and directed by Danny Cannon.  The second episode of the new season is entitled ‘Burn The Witch’ and was written by Ken Woodruff.  Cannon will also direct that episode.

What would you like to see in the new season of ‘Gotham’?

Source: Collider