The Watchmen First Marketing Poster

Damon Lindelof‘s take on ‘Watchmen’ for HBO has come to an end and we were just given quite the wild ride. Now, we’ve learned that the master of vague endings had spoiled how his show would end before it was even released. The reveal that we all missed didn’t come from an interview, toy tie-in, or anything usual, but was intentionally placed in the very first promotional artwork for the series.

There are spoilers below!

While it is still not official as we didn’t see Angela become the next Dr. Manhattan happen onscreen, Lindelof shared in a recent The Hollywood Reporter interview the following:

“This is not me saying what happens when her foot hits the water. There are certainly two possible outcomes. But if you watch the entire season again, or if you look at the poster for Watchmen that existed fifteen weeks ago, our intention is clear. That’s what I’ll say.”

As to the poster in question, you can check it out right here:

While Lindelof does say that only what we’ve seen on screen is canon, the showrunner keeps stressing exactly what his intentions are:

“I think that there’s an argument to be made that everything that Dr. Manhattan does in this iteration of Watchmen is about acknowledging that as long as he exists, there will be those who are in pursuit of his power. And anybody who wants to take his power is probably not a good conduit for it. And so he should probably pick someone who will take his power and use it responsibly. So one could make the argument that is what happened when he picked Angela [Regina King]”

Again, we don’t fully see this happen, but Lindelof is clearly indicating that if he were to continue the story, that would be the direction it goes.

Did you notice that Angela had a blue tint in the first promotional material for HBO’s ‘Watchmen’? Share your thoughts in the comments below!