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Just because Jessica Jones (Krysten Ritter) ended the menace of Kilgrave (David Tennant) in the climax of Season One, doesn’t mean that the mind-controlling manipulator won’t still, in some way, manage to torment the hard-drinking super detective.

Even though, you may not have yet finished ‘The Punisher’ Season One on Netflix, the service is getting you ramped up for another helping from Marvel’s gritty side.  A new trailer has been released, touting the return of ‘Jessica Jones’ early next year, on March 8th.  You may notice that this is on a Thursday, which is unusual, as Netflix shows usually debut on Friday.  But this date is significant, because it’s International Women’s Day.  Though Jess may be very flawed, she’s powerful, both inside and out and is certainly her own kind of hero.  In fact, though the majority of Marvel shows on Netflix have been hugely popular, (you know which ones weren’t) ‘Jessica Jones’ has been singled out by most as being the very best.  So the show’s return should be a pretty huge event.

In addition to the reveal of the return date, in this clip, fans are treated to Jessica’s very unique take on Marvel’s most famous catchphrase.

Check it out below:


Regarding Kilgrave’s return (of sorts), showrunner Melissa Rosenberg said:

“He’s such a part of her construction and her dilemma.  I think just having him come back and be that mirror again is really important.

“She was somewhat of a mess even before Kilgrave came into her life, so [season 2] is about digging deeper into that chaos and peeling back those layers.”

Don’t expect her brief excursion with ‘The Defenders’ to have lightened the lead character much.  As Ritter said:

“Jessica is in a pretty dark headspace when we meet her at the top of season 2. What we’ve done again is kept the story very personal. If season 1 was in her head and in her mind, then this season will be more in her heart. It’s still a psychological thriller, but it’s more of an emotional thriller this time.”

But things weren’t bleak on the set, as Ritter added:

“Having David back on set was amazing. We had such a great run the first season, and it felt like a celebration, having him back. The content is maybe not much of a celebration [laughs], but having him be present and spending time with him on a personal level kind of felt like one.


“It’s a gift, also, in having that space [between season 1 and season 2]. This was an amazing opportunity for story development because of the additional time Melissa and the team got to write everything in advance. It just allowed us to go even deeper, like a happy accident, you know? And for me, I did The Defenders and Jessica Jonesback-to-back, so I did 12 months straight of Jessica.”

There’s still a bit of a wait until the March 8 premiere, but the wait should be worth it, as fans can finally journey back to Jessica’s dark world.

Are you happy to have Kilgrave back to haunt Jessica in Season Two?

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