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It seems that Joe and Anthony Russo can’t seem to get the MCU and superheroes out of their systems.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that, because they do it so well.  Their production company, AGBO, has the movie ’21 Bridges’ starring ‘Black Panther”s Chadwick Boseman opening this weekend, and ‘Cherry’ starring ‘Spider-Man’s Tom Holland opening in 2020.  They directed the latter.

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But they are developing another superhero project that isn’t based on a Marvel property and doesn’t star an actor from one of those films.  ‘Past Midnight’ was announced last March as a vehicle for Keanu Reeves with Rick Famuyiwa set to direct, based on a script by T.J. Fixman.  This project is earmarked for Netflix.

At the time of the announcement, it sounded like all the ducks were lined up, but the Russos have unfortunately divulged that ‘Past Midnight’ is nowhere near ready.


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While promoting ’21 Bridges’, Joe Russo said:

“Past Midnight’s still in a very formative stage.  So it’s probably not best to talk about it yet, but it is a fascinating script.”

The Russos are currently helming ‘Cherry’, but they don’t have any other directing gigs lined up after that.  They look to be diving deep into producing.  The horror movie ‘Relic’ and action movie ‘Dhaka’ (which Joe wrote) are in post-production to be released next year.  They are also attached to the movies ‘Something’s More Than One Thing’, and ‘Everything Everywhere All At Once’, a sci-fi flick set to star Awkwafina, and Michelle Yeoh.

Among their other projects are the TV shows ‘The Warriors’ (based on the 1979 cult classic), ‘Magic: The Gathering’ (based on the card game), another superhero show, ‘Quantum and Woody’ (based on the Acclaim/Valiant Comics series, with Joel McHale attached), and the animated, video game-based ‘Little Nightmares’.

Sadly, they appear to have walked away from Marvel entirely after dropping the mic with ‘Endgame’.  After all, how do you top that?


Source: Inverse