Similar to the last teaser promo released from the CW showing Oliver Queen waking up as “Barry Allen” and being kissed by Iris, the newest ‘Elseworlds’ promo now shows us Barry Allen awakening on a floor mat while sparring with Diggle in ARGUS. Apparently, this switch is right after he has just traded places with Oliver and Barry jumps up in time for Diggle to call him the “Green Arrow” and for Barry “Oliver” to deflect an attack from Diggle, revealing that Barry seems to have gained Oliver’s fighting skills as well as his name/ life.

There are a lot of questions that are going to have to be answered here. First of which is: did Barry and Oliver switch lives simultaneously, and if so, was it some kind of magic, or time-travel, or was it the work of the Monitor, a character we know will appear in the crossover? Also, since Barry seems to have gained Oliver’s fighting abilities/ reflexes, can we assume Oliver gained Barry’s speed powers? (Granted, we did see Stephen Amell in the Flash costume in the set photos, but I’m not going to assume anything at this point) Furthermore, with Barry (who is in Oliver’s place) sparring with Diggle in ARGUS, it appears that by the time of the crossover event Oliver will ostensibly be out of prison, or will he? Did the same magic that switched our heroes also rewrite the timeline so Oliver never went to prison? I only bring it up because it only leaves a few episodes for ‘Arrow’ to complete Oliver’s prison story-line and get him out of his jail cell/ restore some semblance of the status quo, and the season’s storyline this year does not seem like it is in any hurry to get Oliver out of that prison.

Check out the new promo of Barry taking Oliver’s life below, and feel free to visit the comments section to chime in with your thoughts/ theories on what might be happening, and make sure to tune in when the ‘Elseworlds’ crossover event premieres on the CW on December 9th!