Damon Lindelof Reveals Adrian Veidt's Location On 'Watchmen' And A Key Detail You May Have Missed

The biggest tie-in to the original ‘Watchmen‘ graphic novels is the inclusion of Adrian Veidt. Now Damon Lindelof is sharing more details on the character’s current predicament. Jeremy Irons has been delivering a stunning take on the smartest man in the world who is now trapped in a unique prison. We know that Veidt doesn’t appear to be on Earth and now have learned exactly where he is and a bit of when his story is taking place.

The first thought many fans had was that this prison was constructed by Doctor Manhattan on Mars. Later, when we got our first chance to look outside the bubble, which Veidt is currently confined to, it seemed that he might be on the moon. However, which moon is the question, and Lindelof has the answers!


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There are potential spoilers below as to Veidt’s portion of the tale.

While it is quite likely that Doctor Manhattan is responsible for Veidt’s current predicament, the showrunner has revealed that the character is being held on Europa, one of Jupiter’s moons. It seems unlikely that anyone but Manhattan could be responsible for this, so there are motivations and key story pieces which we’re not yet aware as Lindelof explains:

“I think that if Adrian Veidt is trying to escape from prison, that’s not a good challenge for him. He’s going to do that very easily — there’s no prison that’s going to hold Adrian Veidt, unless that prison is on Europa, a moon of Jupiter. Then it might be a little more challenging. I kind of felt like, if we’re going to lock this guy up somewhere—and by Episode 5 we still don’t know who locked him up and why—it’s gonna have to be quite an overwhelming challenge for him to escape, so that felt like this was a good place to put him and throw away the key.”

This means that the first episode was the 1st anniversary of Veidt being trapped on Europa, which Mr. Phillips and Ms. Crookshanks had made a cake for him. While at first it appeared to be paradise, his rapidly changing reaction in each episode now makes more sense: A year has passed each time we see the character.

“What we’re learning about Adrian Veidt is that every installment that we get of the nine episodes, there’s only one episode where you don’t get a Veidt installment — the storytelling, he didn’t fit in there — but every other one you get [one]. And a year lapses in between each episode. It’s a story told on a very, very large canvas, each installment taking place on another anniversary of another year that he has spent wherever the hell he’s spending [it].”

You have to wonder how he’ll appear after being a prisoner of the Game Warden for a year. Of course, there is always a chance that watching Angela Abar trip out with memories of her grandfather could take up the entire next episode. It would be a reasonable explanation as to why we don’t see Veidt and keep the fate of Looking Glass a secret for at least another chapter in Lindelof’s story.

Where did you think Adrian Veidt was trapped in ‘Watchmen’? Do you think Doctor Manhattan is responsible for his situation or is something else at play here? Did you realize that each inclusion of the character had meant another year had passed? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


Source: Collider