Lucifer: There'll Be Something Different About Tricia Helfer In Season 5
Tricia Helfer in the “The Angel of San Bernardino” episode of LUCIFER. FOX

Tricia Helfer is making a return appearance on the final season of ‘Lucifer’, but the nature of her character is unknown.  Is this Charlotte Richards somehow resurrected?  Another parallel universe duplicate?  Has Goddess returned?

A new photo of Helfer in costume has been released, but don’t expect it to give any clue as to her role.  Check it out (via TV Line):


Helfer recurred on ‘Lucifer’ in Seasons 2 and 3.  Originally, she played upscale-but-shady defense attorney Charlotte Richards, who made a fortune getting criminals off from the crimes they were accused of.  After she was killed and went to Hell, her body was used by Lucifer’s mother Goddess for a period of time.  When Goddess decided to leave Earth for good, he resurrected Charlotte as a parting gift.  Charlotte did not retain any memories from the time that her body was possessed, but she turned over a new leaf and began going after criminals instead of setting them free.  Unfortunately, her actions led to her second (and final?) death.


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This new look is different from any Helfer has displayed on the show before.  She looks as though she was plucked from the 1950s, and is definitely softer around the edges than any version of Charlotte that has been seen before.

As for what else to expect from Season 5, showrunners Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson revealed:

“We also have one other, really fun toy to play with, that we know is going to be a big guiding factor in Season 5 — so we’re excited about that, too.”

‘Lucifer’ aired on FOX for three seasons.  Netflix rescued the series after FOX canceled it, gaining the rights to stream the existing episodes, and creating a fourth season.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t look as though the series was as big a hit for them as they had hoped.  After the release of the fourth season, Netflix announced that it was also canceling ‘Lucifer’, but it was giving the show a fifth and final season to wrap up the storyline.

Netflix has not announced when Season 5 of ‘Lucifer’ will be released but check back for updates.